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I have interviews with Millenium1 and Claimsecure coming up and I would like some input from people who’ve worked at these places. How are the benefits? the workplace itself? A job’s a job so regardless I take whatever I get. Thanks



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  1. Austin White Austin White says:

    Millennium1 has Shuttle from mall to work but benefits dont kick in until 6 months of work. Pays not to bad not great either

  2. Anik Morin Anik Morin says:

    Tsys hands down. Schedule is the same week to week until shift bid. Benefits are better. Management is better all around!

  3. one of the biggest benefits to m1s is the referral bonus. The benefits are pretty good and they have some decent chance for promotions/higher paying positions once you’ve been there a little while. They do offer different campaigns so not everyones opinion might be the same as they have different rules/bonuses/team leaders/programs.

  4. Lisa Dunbar Lisa Dunbar says:

    If you’re bilingual look at gsps. They are hiring for 911…MUCH better pay…but can be very stressful…

  5. claim secure is a rough place. I know people at TSYS and M1S they say its a lot better

  6. Cory Gibson Cory Gibson says:

    If you rely on public transit, I don’t believe Millenium1 has public transit access anywhere nearby.

  7. Linda Urban Linda Urban says:

    Claimsecure if it’s for an adjudicator position, the call center sucks

  8. Claim secure. Northern 911 is hiring emergency services dispatchers as well. High school diploma and previous customer service experience is an asset.

  9. What position at ClaimSecure?

  10. I Work at m1s and the benefits are decent, the offer full time hours sometimes extras. They also have different bonus and premiums you can qualify for.

  11. BETTY says:

    Phone work is phone work. Claim secure is better as it’s all inbound and most people are just looking for guidance or information..

    If your looking for money and don’t mind phone work think about applying at northern 911. Full time with amazing benefits and the job is is a stressful environment though and middle management is… Well if you decide to apply you’ll figure it out.

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