It’s a Beautiful Life

When you fill your life with Christ, there’s no need for anything else.

He’s the alpha and the omega. Have a blessed day and a happy Easter.



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  1. I’m seriously blown away at the negativity this person has received for simply saying have a good day.

  2. Ernie Cook Ernie Cook says:

    Hoppy Easter Bunny Day to you too OP!!

  3. I’m seriously blown away at the negativity this person has received for simply saying have a good day.

  4. Jeff Brouse Jeff Brouse says:

    You need an education on false history

  5. My favourite hallloween costume was when i dressed up as Jesus nailed to the cross.

  6. nothing wrong with that. we are all different so we all need different strategies in life. i don’t knock a religious person or an atheist so long as they aren’t a huge arsehole.

  7. Im 100% not against religion, just not really my thing thats all

  8. It’s hard to not speak up but typical Sudbury is all I’m seeing here.

    Basically if you guys are right and we all rot in the dirt after death I guess you win

    But if you’re wrong I know I’ll be having a grand time. Be more open minded you turds. Do you really think that something so vast as this universe, that everything on our planet could of happened out of coincidence? There is way to many factors that would have to happen for our planet to have the resources we have and for it to exist in the first place. There is science being connected to God everyday.

    PM me if you have questions about faith. I’m still learning but I have no doubt in my mind that God is legit.

  9. the point is by handing your worries away to christ you are able to tackle your hardships more easily. think of prayer as a poor man’s therapy or at the least the western worlds meditation. it’s venting but more personal

  10. Godbless you for making this post 🙂

  11. Why are the bible thumping in this place… and why do you think everyone wants to hear about your god

    • Linda says:

      Why not? Same could be said about everything posted on here. When you believe in God, it`s actually what you`re supposed to do. Witness. Be a witness. Kind of takes some courage, but it`s that person`s choice. It`s ok. You can close the door and not want to hear it. You can shut that door right tight. It`s all good. Because it`s a choice. To believe or not to believe. All good. It`s a matter of expressing a belief. No different than everything else posted on here. Beliefs. Experiences. Thoughts. You name it, we`ve read it. What`s the big deal. It`s like reading that guy`s reply about Satan. Did I care for it? No. Did I have a few thoughts about it, sure. Do I feel the need to attack or anything else. Not really. Just some people expressing themselves. This is 2019. You can do that. It takes nothing away from anyone.

  12. Jeph Hall Jeph Hall says:

    Excuse me sir, do you have a few minutes to talk about Satan? And what Satan can do for you…

  13. so when you fill your life with fictitious bullshit it makes it better? use your fucking brain people.. you honestly still believe this fairy tale story? so many suckers still left on this planet.

  14. Why would anyone wat to believe in a God who wants people to fear him, who let’s children starve and who gives children cancer, because God is the creator, right, so he created all of that shitty stuff. That’s a god I am happy not to believe in!

    • Carla Kassinen

      PM me. I can answer your questions

      It seems like you ignored all the beauty he has created and focused on all the negative aspects. God has an answer for everything.

    • you are thinking about old testiment God. Jesus is the current ruler of heaven and his trials as a mortal were the sacrifice that was to erase the sins of mankind upto that point, allowing for entry into heaven by all again.
      As for why he lets us all suffer on earth? well Adam was given dominion of the earth, which he lost after the first sin. After Jesus’ sacrifice mankind was once again given dominion of the earth; with heaven being the reward for living a just life.
      kinda hard to ask a guy to save us when he handed the earth over to mankind the moment we were created and heaven to his son the moment he made his mortal sacrifices. God is a creator not a maintainer.

    • Rachel Denis Rachel Denis says:

      Try reading A Conversation with God. It’s fascinating and shows you a much much different God than the vengeful one from the Bible.

    • Shawn Timony Shawn Timony says:

      Rachel Denis Try reading The God Delusion. It shows you the true god.

  15. Corey Walker Corey Walker says:

    I almost forgot jesus on a stick and zombie jesus day was coming….thanks for the reminder lmfao

  16. Rob Stacknik Rob Stacknik says:

    The ruination of the world!
    Stay away

  17. Lance Loach Lance Loach says:

    Religion is one of the institutions holding back modern civilization

    • i’d argue mankind itself is holding back modern civilization. we are wired to never be satisfied with what we have and prodded into certain decisions by marketing and the people around us/governments. (look into government nudging in europe. there are studies on how effective different techniques are at guiding a group into a specific decision and you better believe are current knowledge in psychology and sociology are being abused for these purposes)

  18. The OP is right. All you need for proof of God’s existence is to look at the amazing, complex and perfectly designed world around you. Who designed it to be so perfect? And I’m not talking about the mess that humans have made. I mean just the planet. The universe. God says that when you stand in judgement before Him someday, as we all will, you won’t be able to say “I never knew” He will say “You have no excuse. All you had to do was look around you at my creation to know that I was here.”

  19. God bless to you as well OP

  20. Someone forgot to take their meds

  21. Roger Blake Roger Blake says:

    Those who don’t respect Easter should not take the day off Friday Sunday or Monday. For those of you welfare cases, your opinion never matters

  22. Amen, you are right on…John 3:16

  23. Bull shit… my Lutheran minister 53 yr old who adopted a fas child. Is DEAD… your christ explain that

  24. Moe Lalonde Moe Lalonde says:

    OMG Peed my pants laughing

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