It truly is a circle

Hey here’s a story.

Hi people. I’m 74 years of age and if there’s 1 thing I can advise make sure to show people more love, compassion and mercy now while you’re still youthful.

I have seen some stuff man. Over the years the most callous, strong, hard headed merciless men become whimpering lonely versions of their former self. Literally empty shells. And when hey need a loving from another human, it never came. This pattern I’ve seen happens to those who deemed themselves as beeing smart and having too high of standards to lower themselves enough to show love to another faulted, fellow man.

Point blank God (the universes karmic cycle as some call it) dishes up exactly what we were hoping to avoid when we skimp out on the dishing of mercy to others. Life doesn’t come with a manual nor should it. Everything is a lesson and God (the karmic energy if the universe) is the only goodness ready to help us when we truly have been set free from unnatural toxic, self-damaging ways.

Have mercy. Not just when its convenient or when it doesn’t clash with our belief systems. That’s the times we need to have mercy the most. When it doesn’t serve us to do so. Peace love and prosperity in heart. Size of the numbers don’t matter. The size of the heart and smile does. Sorry for the novel.



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  1. Jennifer Buckner Vansantvoort he doesn’t sound like the bad boy type lol

  2. Kevin Pascoe Kevin Pascoe says:

    Karma is just a value brand diety. There’s great people who live horrible existences & monsters who live long & happy lives. It’s just another slice of bullshit fed to you & accepted by dullards who can’t come to terms with their irrelavancy & future as bug chow

  3. I admire your optimism, truly. However, I’ve gotten further ahead in all aspects of life by recognizing people in general and the world for how and what they are instead of how they ought to be.

  4. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    I hope your being s loved as the love you send out.

  5. Thank you sir for the wise advice .God bless

  6. Beautifully said. Happy Friday

  7. Luc St.amour Luc St.amour says:

    Who’s going to be the first one to say something ignorant? And think about it. You reap what you sew!!!

  8. Carly Verch Carly Verch says:

    Brought a tear to my eye made me think about my dad.

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