Iso: place to call home

Searching for a 3bd house or townhome to rent.
Due to my ex my child and I are now homeless coach surfing and because I work a good job and make decent money i dont qualify for any help from sevices in the area (so much for equality and such).
I have frist/last in hand, good credit and personal ref. No rental ref as was a home owner up tell the ex messing that up.
Clean, quiet, professional.
Hardest part i have 2 dogs that are rescues that after going through all this I will NOT get ride of for my childs sake. Thoss dogs are his comfort. I have ref for my dogs for behavour,noise,e5c. They are non barkers non destructive trained family animals and we are incredibley responsible pet owners.
We have health issues so a non mold/mildow clean place is a must.
Thank you.
Any assistance is welcome. Never thought my child (young kid) and I woukd ever EVER be homeless… So trust me this can happen to anyone and if your a hard worker you gret no help despite it all…


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  1. Tina Fay Tina Fay says:

    Damn everyone’s doing the work for you. Kijiji and the homelessness network has a housing list.

  2. Lisa Dunbar Lisa Dunbar says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your ex. Good luck moving forward.

  3. Ken Dickson Ken Dickson says:

    Only the working class gets fucked in Canada

  4. Ken Dickson Ken Dickson says:

    Call panoramic they r great

  5. Lisa Marie Lisa Marie says:

    call panoramic properties. Beautiful townhomes 2 or 3 bedrooms. Starting @ $1500

  6. Emily Tang Emily Tang says:

    and maybe your dogs can find some where else atm and you can get 1 bedroom or even a bachelor for right now

  7. Emily Tang Emily Tang says:

    please 0m I know ideas to help you should go in women’s shelter they can help same with red Cross they can help best of luck any questions message me 🙁

  8. Call Zulich see if they have any townhouses in garson on Moreau available. Decent rent with utilities included

  9. Call Panaramic properties

  10. Wishing you all the best in moving on and doing what you have to do.

  11. 3 bedroom in New Sudbury but not available until March. PM me if you’d like more details.

  12. Jesus Christ that was painful to read. Lol

  13. Just found this hope it helps

  14. Dave says:

    Good luck friend. I hope it works out.

    • Nickers says:

      I second this. As an experienced white male renter I can attest to the discrimination that rental applicants face. It’s not pretty out there.

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