ISO: Male Entertainment/Entertainment

I am looking for male entertainment for this Saturday, June 10th for someone’s birthday.

Would only need entertainment for roughly an hour or two.

Any suggestions?? Or in the alternative, any entertainment proposals or suggestions for an adult crowd?!



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  1. Patrick Tourville Nic Benz are available for you ladies

  2. Peter Wasney says:

    Dawson Gatien and Louis Lalonde

  3. Tanner James says:

    Michael Harrison and Ryan Michael do great duo work. They’re the Trailer Park Boys version of Chippendales

  4. Maxime Houde gittyup

  5. Dustin Duffy says:

    Branden Lampkin

  6. Jason Baril says:

    Shawn Gilles this is you homie

  7. Keke Lynds says:

    What do you need?

  8. Keke Lynds your time has come. Let’s just hope the birthday party isn’t for someone’s husband. XD

  9. James Cleverdon-Alexander

  10. I haven’t done it in about 6 years. Was seriously considering going for more dance classes about 2 years ago. What’s the pay?

  11. Scott Lauber says:

    Richard Paquette

  12. Kirk Raymond helicopter it up

  13. Patrick Girard ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Me and Jordan Canning have been in the male entertainment industry for years and ladies have loved are work, give one of us a msg on face book and we can set something up

  15. James Mud Duck go make some money lol

  16. D. Wayne Martin you interested?

  17. Logan Tremblay Bonnis theres a job ๐Ÿ˜›

  18. Kyle Hayes says:

    Christopher Belanger

  19. The Troll is strong in this one.

  20. Kayla Venturi ur brother aka aunt zelda

  21. Guy Langlois says:

    Jeff Petahtegoose Robert Lalonde

  22. Greg Mantler Jamie Byron

  23. Nate Wyness says:

    Ryan Bowerman that’s what ur profile says as occupation lmao

  24. Im still available let me know

  25. Starr Larson says:

    Gerry wuda been right up ur alley if u were still here

  26. Nate Wyness says:

    Jordan Walker

  27. An hour or two? I’m good for 3-4 minutes,,twice lol

  28. Aunt Zelda’s Dirty Bingo hilarious!!! I can’t find where to tag just aunt Zelda, but she does private parties to my understanding

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