Is there any other way to get from Elgin to Riverside?

That underpass is really sketchy and scary. I’ve had a few bad experiences going through there. I have attempted walking under the Brady overpass but that is really dangerous, and I looked if I could cross the tracks and that seemed impossible. On warmer days I have gone all the way down to the little Walking bridge closer to the lake area, but that is really out of the way for me.



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  1. It’s just haunted that’s all…
    The railway yard was build on old burial grounds…and besides ghosts only come out at midnite

  2. I walk through it everyday and never had any issues. Its alot safer than it was years ago!

  3. Walk up Paris, turn right at the first lights after the bridge of Nations. You’ll come to a set of stairs, go down and they meet Wembley and Marion. Walk down Marion to Riverside

  4. Gail Decaire Gail Decaire says:

    Wonder where that leads to

  5. This is why we need to open carry chain saws

  6. Jen Bertrand Jen Bertrand says:

    Yes I have that same problem..I really wanted to walk under that overpass too. I really wish there was a shorter way to get to Lorne St.

  7. Walk down elgin, turn on the street the Townehouse is on, believe it’s Grey St, turn left onto Brady then turn left on Broadway and you’ll be on Riverside

  8. Crossing the tracks is not impossible. Bring a ladder, when you encounter a train use the ladder to climb over the train, lift ladder and place on other side, climb down ladder, continue to do so for every train until you reach riverside, stash ladder in secret spot for your return home.

  9. A very long time ago there was a road on that spot. I wonder why they made it into an underpass.

  10. I have walked under many times day and night never had an issue , they have cameras . Buy a taser and take someone lol

  11. I go under there all the time, various times of day/week without issues.

  12. It’s ok,,just walk under,,they have cameras,,,to record your murder

  13. Mike Reid Mike Reid says:

    Just walk under flailing your arms around and arguing with your self. Nobody will want to mess with you..

  14. Emily Tang Emily Tang says:

    only way on that side they built cause of train tracks:/

  15. Walk around over the Paris bridge

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