Is Chemmy Really that Bad

I keep seeing all these posts about vandalism or rude people in chemmy.

Is it a bad place to live?


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52 Responses

  1. I’ve been living in chelmsford 3 years never had issue

  2. I love chemmy people I see and talk to are nice

  3. Ashley James Ashley James says:

    In terms of crime it doesnt matter where you live you will always have car break ins and graffiti. In terms of it being relatively quiet and a nice place to live very nice. Though I would love to have another grocery store like food basics

  4. I rather enjoy it. Been here 3 years and not a issue to be concerned about. Worst Ive seen is kids smoking in the Cote park. Big deal

  5. Monica Sauve Monica Sauve says:

    It all depends what end of chemmy you move to…

  6. I loved living in chemmy. They are mostly all French and like to speak it even tho they can speak English and u cant understand a word, but nice place to live.

  7. I like the town! But i was at the horse and drunk. Semi checking out guys. Amd someone thought i was looking for a fight lol. Other then that chemmy aint bad lol. Eh Melisa?

  8. Not at all. I lived there for a few years and everyone was friendly and kind.

  9. Tom Whalen Tom WHALEN

  10. Chemmy is like a hemroid on a butthole.

  11. Erik Prevost Erik Prevost says:

    Chemmy is not a bad place to live it’s a blue collar town everybody is friendly and neighbourhoods are quiet I’m born and raised in Chemmy and I’m not planning on leaving anytime soon.

  12. It’s no worse than anywhere else in the city, it’s actually quite quiet and calm 95% of the time. Two grocery stores within walking distance to almost every one, a few really good schools pharmacies and restaurants. My husband was born and raised there and that’s where we started our marriage and life as a couple. People make fun of it all the time just for jokes but none of that is serious.

  13. Nope but French off guard I call sturgenise

  14. We get along great with all our neighbors on and around our dead end street! We have fires and celebrate birthdays together!

  15. If you like french rednecks with wrecks in their yard you’ll be in heaven.

  16. Adam Kay Adam Kay says:

    Moved to Chemmy a few years ago from the valley. I like it here better. I anticipated an overwhelming amount of loud quads, dirt bikes, sleds, cars and trucks……barely heard anything and I live a block away from the trails. Plus we usually have the cheapest gas in Sudbury

  17. Every town has vandals and rude people.

  18. Lynn Kohls Lynn Kohls says:

    We have the best chip stand in the area!

    • Mikey Jameus Mikey Jameus says:

      Lynn Kohls GPs is the best… now dont be going around, spreading rumors. No one but no one beats GPs at the corner of Errington and Main

    • Mikey Jameus We moved to Sudbury after living in & loving their fries for more than a decade – we still go back for GP’s French fries & pogos. THE BEST!!

    • Mikey Jameus Mikey Jameus says:

      Lynn Kohls ill never switch from GPs. Hands down the absolute best poutine, burgers, chicken burgers anywhere this side of Quebec. Chemmys fish and chips, fries are gross and soggy.. tastes like stinky fish their fries do… they need another deep fryer solely for fries.

    • Mikey Jameus Mikey Jameus says:

      Its been one hour since post is up. I got three thumbs up and your smirk face. That alone should tell people what the best fry place is.. and by the way, dont you own that chemmys fish and chips. Pretty distasteful for a chip stand owner to bash another chip stand owner from the SAME COMMUINITY.

    • Lynn Kohls Lynn Kohls says:

      Mikey Jameus why would you think I own it? Go visit the chip stand and see if I look like the owners. Shame on you for lying.

  19. Dennis Lopez Dennis Lopez says:

    I’m from chemmy, never had an issue tbh, just mind your P’s and Qs ur ok

  20. I love it here and im english

  21. Marie Smith Marie Smith says:

    Theres vandalism & rude people in every town sadly. I spent a lot of time there growing up & always found it to be a nice place. People are no more rude there than anywhere else in my opinion.

  22. It is worse than Compton. Stay away!! The town is currently dealing with high occurence rates and the devastating affects of drive-by poutinéings

  23. I grew up here and still love here and NO it’s a bad place to live , I love it here, quit and nice people

  24. I moved to Chemmy a couple years ago. I’ve got no problems. I live on a wonderful street. Everyone is so friendly. I have not run into someone who doesn’t say hi or shoot me a smile. You get what you give.
    I have kids and love raising them here.
    You’re obviously going to run into people you don’t like, it happens everywhere. Only problem we have had since we moved here is kids breaking into our shed, but that seems to be happening everywhere. It is what you make it. You move here with a bad attitude, it’s gonna suck. You move here optimistic, you might actually find that you like it…

  25. Mary Lawson Mary Lawson says:

    I’ve lived in Chemmy my whole life. Went to elementary school and high school here. It’s not bad at all.

  26. Anthony Ertl Anthony Ertl says:

    No it’s just French

  27. I lived her most of my life , never had any problems.

  28. It’s what you make of it. I stay to myself so I dont mind the area at all its quiet. But there are nosy dramatic people, but that’s everywhere right!?

  29. I’m not “from” chemmy but have lived in chemmy for past 8 yrs and I like it. Have no issues at all

  30. Jena Lavigne Jena Lavigne says:

    Lived there for a few years. Loved the place and my neighbors but yes can be very rude. French ppl what do you expect…I am told we are rude lol.

  31. Shawn Hollis Shawn Hollis says:

    Lots of French people

  32. Alana Finch Alana Finch says:

    I love chemy I wish I still live there lol

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