Irresponsible Pitbull Puppy Owner

To the irresponsible, uneducated blue eyed pitbull puppy owner on Lorne St. Shame on you! Walking on Lorne St today (Saturday), I seen a beautiful blue eyed blue pitbull puppy, maybe 10-12 weeks old with his female owner. As the pup was adorable, I stopped to pet him.

She grabs him by his thick, leather studded collar and advises me that she doesn’t want strangers touching him. When I kindly asked why, she stated that she does not want strangers to touch him as she wants him to be protective of her.

When I tried to educate her that she should do better due to the stigma surrounding pitbulls, she callously replied “I know”. In walking away, I advised her that she is one of the type of owners that give pitbulls a bad name. When her 125lb dog does becomes “protective of her” and bites a stranger or even her own kids/family, who is going to suffer?

This poor baby pitbull is going to. Shame on you. Pitbull owners needs to raise their puppies to be social and love everyone/everything. Educate yourself before you take on the responsibility of a breed that already has a bad name. Super frustrated, just needed to rant.



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  1. James Cox says:

    Yes she is a horrible owner. If you dont socialize you large breed dog you should not own one. Guaranteed the dog will be put down before age of 2. Once a dog becomes a hermit and never socialize they will and the do become viscous.

  2. amycjgruber says:

    Matthew yes not purebreds and they have to be muzzled. To the OP. Are you serious? Because she wouldn’t let YOU pet the puppy this means she’s a horrible dog owner? How entitled can you be? Do you know her personally? Do you know for a fact that that dog has no other socializing what so ever? You’re coming on to social media to shame her , but in turn have made yourself outspoken and uninformed. Socializing is ALSO about teaching your dog to NOT be touched or approach strangers. It is way more than just allowing some stranger to man handle your animal. Before you even start, yes I have a bully breed. Yes my dog is extremely well trained – he has to be – he’s a 120 lbs – not the 80 – 90 lbs pitbulls top out at btw. Yes he is aggressive (he’s a rescue that i have spent months and months training – his aggression to other dogs is not something i can change – he was like this when i got him.) Yes i sometimes tell people NO when they try to pet him. Why? Not that I have to answer that question but i will. When a dog is in active training, you need to keep his attention and focus. Some idiot walking down the street getting your dog riled up detracts from their training lesson and often can make a dog backtrack in training. If you allow it every time, the dog will see a person and he will run to be pet. See how that can be a problem? I get stopped every single time i leave the house with my dog. Guess what – it’s MY dog. I am responsible for how he behaves and acts and it is also my choice who he gets to know. Next time how about you actually get a clue before coming on to social media.

  3. Matthew Leitch says:

    Can you have pitbulls in Sudbury??

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