Interpaving get your shit together!

Anyone who travels on highway 17 east or west must understand how frustrated I am. I mean during the summer they’re holding up traffic for 30+ minutes to blast rock and now what? Your really that broke that you need to be bothering us in the winter too when the roads are slick and dangerous? It’s bad enough your people killed an old lady downtown do you need to add to this by trying to stop people on the highway in poor conditions? Especially that one stupid girl with the red hair, stop giving people attitude and just accept that you work for a shitty company who doesn’t care. All employees from that company are going to hell I swear to god.



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  1. Interpaving has gotten rich off of ripping off the city of SUDBURY and I’m sure Joe is still doing it

  2. Colin Amer Colin Amer says:

    Unless Traffic Control is just straight-up breaking MTO laws, there’s really no way you’re not going to see the signs leading up to a flagger. You’ll always have plenty of time to stop safely if you’re paying attention.

  3. Colin Amer Colin Amer says:

    Flaggers are out there for 10+ hours a day on their feet just doing their jobs. They’re not the problem.

  4. If you dont know the reasons dont condemn. They are only doing a job no one else can. And, too blame them all for the death of the lady, do you even know what the man is suffering for her passing.

  5. Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

    I get it…you’re pissed they are doing their job and that you hate the company and the inconvenience…but to bring up the death of the elderly woman…that’s pretty shitty…

  6. How the fuck are the employees shitty for working for that company? At least they got off their fucking ass and got a job! Like grow the fuck up and get a life. Instead maybe you should invest in driving lessons if you’re so concerned about driving in bad condition, or move somewhere that’s sunny and warm all year round. Quit whining. You’re probably the same person that will bitch about people not getting a job and living off the government.

  7. Joel Whipple Joel Whipple says:

    This post is 100% accurate. That idiot red head comes on spotted frequently lecturing everyone how great she is at flagging and that flag runners are terrible, but a someone who’s flagged before, she’s just freaking atrocious.

  8. Jeff White Jeff White says:

    Paul Durigon. Gave me a good laugh !!

  9. Paul Chénier I guess move on doesn’t register with you ! Lol I can draw you a picture if u don’t understand what that means !lol

  10. Paul Chénier lol ya just stating an option for Internet hero to confront his complaint personally ..that’s all ..why are you the poster? Don’t be scared I’ll just talk to you lmao .

  11. And no it wasn’t specifically the operator’s fault, it was the fault of everyone there that day. From the person that bid on the job and didn’t budget for safety guys/spotters, to the person setting up supposed barrier very shittily. I mean, unless everything was in order and this person just busted down through fencing and people yelling at her to turn around/go another way and walked directly in the path of a big piece of equipment backing up with clearly no one able to see what was going on. Let me ask you this: If your employer told you to jump off a cliff would you

  12. Paul Chénier lmao what are u babbling about ? Looking for confrontation at work?? Makes no sense .anyways chum move on

  13. Paul Chénier I wasn’t there I’m referring to the comment made about the operator. .it was an accident !he dident do it on purpose! That’s what poster made it sound like .tragic all around for family of woman and operator. . We’re you there ? No! then shut up . This was about 17 job not something from two years ago !move on chum!

  14. No one was to blame for that accident? Please tell that to the old ladies family. Where was the spotter/safety guys keeping an eye out that day? Or was that not in the budget of your employer you are quick to defend? It’s funny how construction works, if 1 guy goes up in the air you can bet there are 3 on the ground watching out, yet construction in a busy part of town with pedestrians can’t even have 1 spotter per machine at least? Also what kind of barrier was an old lady able to cross? not a very good one, did she have ninja like skills to hop over a fence? Doubt it. AND ps: you looking for confrontation at work, definitely not a good mindset to have when you should be going to work with a safety first mindset.

  15. Please tell us all how you really feel now…..

  16. Shawn Hollis Shawn Hollis says:

    Our roads are all crap because of them worst part is city keeps letting them do work and highway 17 they cause a mess there no work going on but leave pilons up so you can’t use the passing lanes

  17. Connor Green Connor Green says:

    They’re the main reason our roads are sh*t in this city. The ripped us off on low grade materials and charged the higher grade price. They shouldn’t be allowed to do anything in this city for ever. Someone’s pockets are being lined

  18. BETTY says:

    Call the mto and safety ministry Highway 17 is trans Canada and I’m pretty sure they are only allowed to block traffic for 15 minutes at a time and there has to be opp on site.. Interpaving is the worst company to work for in this entire city.

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