Hey everyone! Looking to make the switch to just internet paying way to much for cable when we dont really watch it that much.

What’s everyone’s opinions on Netspectrum, Vianet, Sunwire ect? What are you guys paying?!

Thanks for the feedback!



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  1. Sounds like I need to talk to sunwire about lowering my monthly bill before I switch to another provider.

  2. Eric O’Byrne seems as though I should switch providers

  3. 67.97 for sunwire. No issues

  4. Sunwire is the cheapest for internet

  5. Vianet 92$ / month for their fastest bundle

  6. Virgin mobile internet is the cheapest

  7. J Martin J Martin says:

    Virgin has amazing deals on right now
    I just switched from Eastlink, I am paying $30 a month

  8. Luc Rioux Luc Rioux says:

    vianet been with them for years never once add issue with conection and if did was fixed with in 15 minute …so can t complain and i pay 70 month but there is cheaper plans then that i play video games need the speed ……..

  9. Daniel North Daniel North says:

    Never had an issue with Vianet.

  10. Absolutely Sunwire. We’ve never had an issue and with Eastlink we had nothing but issues!

  11. Sunwire ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

  12. Bell fibe 1gbps with bell tv app with like 50 channels 107 with taxes.

  13. JoAnn Scott JoAnn Scott says:

    Sunwire is great! Half the price of eastlink

  14. Sunwire, good service, good price, $60 unlimited, never had a problem with it

  15. Shawn Irving Shawn Irving says:

    I mean you cant really beat bells gigabit internet for 100 bucks a month. If you need that speed that is.

  16. Sun wire is good. Had it for a couple of years. Good prices and good speed.

  17. 30 unlimited high speed fiber optics…virgin mobile no contract one year

  18. East link unlimited internet for $90

  19. Sunwire…I’ve had them 4 yes not a issue

  20. Ryan Trotter Ryan Trotter says:

    Been with Sunwire for 2yrs or so and would definitely reccomend.

  21. I switched to sunwire from eastlink about 6 months ago. Service is excellent. Customer service is great. Never had an issue and the price is right for just internet. Good luck and happy shopping.

  22. Vianet. Never eastlink directly.

  23. Dont ever go with sun wire they lost $200 of my money and when i said id go back and give them more i handed the guy another $200 and he put it in his pocket had the cops do an investigation and they got charged with fraud

  24. Sunwire, best price and service hands down

  25. If you are with Eastlink I would suggest that you go to the kiosk in the mall and talk to them. We have been with them for a long time and were paying near $300 for internet and TV, since we went in and talked to them we got on a loyal customers package and pay half of that for better tv and faster internet. I get 150 mbps internet at home 😉

  26. Sunwire $69/month…never had any issues

  27. Kim Westlake Kim Westlake says:

    I switched from Eastlink to Sunwire. I’m very pleased with their service and recommend it.

  28. Kelly Jane Kelly Jane says:

    Just got sunwire $69/month and way better then bell derive and price wise

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