In God we trust?

How do you expect us to trust in God when all we see is luciferian acts all around us, children are starving, pedophiles rapists and murderers run rampant, we see corrupt politicians hurting poor people and the church isn’t helping them they just collect the money, so how are we suppose to trust in God when God ignores our pleas for help, stop telling us to trust in someone who is never going to help our sick and poor.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Here`s a thought or a few: God works through people, when we are at our best. I`d even say, God works through people when we aren`t. Depends what you do with your pain. All those people you listed have one thing in common that you won`t like: They are human beings. Dysfunctional, ill, greedy, dishonest, … But they`re not God. How do you combat evil? With more evil, or with good? How do you chase away darkness? With more darkness, or with light? Sure you have to watch, not everyone appearing good is good. Always has been. Always will be. Nothing new. God gives each person free will. You can look that up, it`s in the Bible. And He tells us to choose. For people who value their freedom, that`s good news. We are however, responsible for our actions. Always has been. Always will be. And who`s responsible for those choices. God, or us? Show me where in the Bible that it says that God will come and wave a magical wand over all the world`s problems, or even our own. To justify His existence. We all have a part to play. What kind of a person do you think Jesus was? Sit there and watch ya suffer? No but he sure didn`t always fix it all for everyone. It`s OUR good actions that fuel hope in the world. Ever met someone who came around, had a lasting (positive) impact on you and wanted/ expected nothing in return? Did that come from darkness or light. Ever wonder why there aren`t more of these daily occurrences? It`s very simple. It`s because we need more light in the world. Now tell me where that light comes from. Take your pick, it`s one of the two. If you can say you don`t believe in God, than I should think you also don`t believe in the “existence” of evil. And if you were to say that, I`d have to say that I don`t believe YOU. There aren`t nasty/ evil people out there because of God. Where light shines, darkness has no where to go. Where there`s no light, darkness takes over. It moves around and always will. Are you a light? Which team do you choose to play for (at work, at home, in public). How honest are you. How greedy are you. Is money the end-all. Are people disposable, for your own gain? So yes, in God I trust. You`re free to do whatever you choose.

  2. austin 3:16 says:

    Accept the fact there is no god and that religion is the root of all evils. Religion preys on the weak. How can something be real when there is no proof whatsoever? Anyone putting their time and energy into looking for god, is sadly wasting their time.

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