I’m going to blow your cover

If you carry on trying to get with this other person behind your significant other’s back I don’t intend to stand by and watch it happen any longer. I am disgusted by you and I am going to tell your partner everything I know before you end up destroying them with your deception. Consider yourself warned because I have plenty of damaging evidence and I am not afraid to use it.



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  1. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    Yup I would want to know. I hated that everyone else knew but me.

  2. Rod Golden Rod Golden says:

    ppl should mind there own biz

  3. If this is true and you don’t tell her your just as bad as the cheater.

  4. Drama lover. Mind your own.

  5. Tell he doesn’t deserve her

  6. Steve Rowley Steve Rowley says:

    Damn when’s the next episode to find out the outcome

  7. Joe Gladu Joe Gladu says:

    Sounds like a soap opera

  8. The plot thickens… * suspenseful music in the background plays… WILL YA JUST GET ON WITH IT, IF YOU’RE GOING TO OUT THEM, DO IT! Damn pansies I tell ya! Sheesh!

  9. You should always tell! My ex had a lot of stuff going on and it’s absolutely frustrating that everybody knew but me. I wish that I was told sooner. You feel like such a fool when everybody knows stuff and you’re sitting there oblivious to all of it

  10. Luc St.amour Luc St.amour says:

    Just jealous because this person isn’t the other!!!!

  11. then do it and get over it

  12. It’s Sudbury. Gonna need to narrow this waaaaaaay down

  13. N.P you up to your old ways again tsk tsk .just can’t stop cheating on ur husband eh …looks like your friends are tired of you hoeing around on your husband .! Lmao hope they rat you out this time .good karma oñ ya .you deserve it!!

  14. I work for the wrong company I don’t get any action in my company to many dalm eyes and cameras lol

  15. Dave Lacasse Dave Lacasse says:

    Say the name or keep it off of fb!!! Nobody cares.. ffs!!! Ugh
    Ok I feel better now.

  16. Nicole Muzar Nicole Muzar says:

    Dustin Crispin the comments


  18. They gotta be making shit up purposely now right … Lol what in the actual fuck is happening. This poor city.

  19. Jenna Rae Jenna Rae says:

    can u post what happened after u tell

  20. Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

    Why dont you just keep banging her and at the same time find the one you want to bang forever. You hopeless romantic control freak.

  21. ORIGINAL "I lover her" Poster says:

    You need to actually chill like stop hiding like a coward and fucking say something cause dollars to dimes you don’t have shit on anyone you’re just some lonely loser looking for a rise lmao.

  22. Go ahead tell them, I bet they will get mad at you for letting them know and take them back a d your the bad guy. See it happen all to often. Hahaha

  23. Debrah Blair Debrah Blair says:

    For the love of god…..stop with this shit!!!!!!!!!

  24. This page sounds like two teenage lovers who are arguing…. getting tired of seeing this drama admin

  25. Joe Brad Joe Brad says:

    lmao someone needs a life lol

  26. You just made a few hundred people very nervous.

  27. cant turn a hoe into a house wife….. either say something or shut the fuck up and walk away

  28. “I am going to tell your partner everything I know before you end up destroying them with your deception.”



  29. Elizabeth says:

    If you don’t tell her you are just as bad. She deserves to know. If he’s doing it with one I’m sure he has done it before. What if he brings home a disease? What if she could have met the man of her dreams in the years she is going to waste on this guy?

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