I’m Gay and Pride Annoys Me

I am a 35 year old gay man here in Sudbury. I used to be so excited for pride- to show off my style, interact with people, show the straights that I’m a human too. Pride was once an act of social and civil disobedience where we were able to show how happy we were to be ourselves.

Now? Pride is a joke. Companies will plaster their fake rainbow logos over their existing ones for the sake of being politically correct. Members of our community have become hateful and opinionated, causing arguments where unnecessary and deliberately attacking someone else’s being simply because they do not see eye to eye. I also don’t like that we have a whole month to celebrate whereas someone like my grandfather who served in the war only has one armistice day.

Not all of us are the way the new members of our community, some of us do believe that these displays of poor attitude and selfishness does not reflect the LGBTQ+ community. This seems to be mostly about the people in my common younger than me, but I’ve seen it from my peers as well. I wish we could bring back the true meaning of pride.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Gen Z and millennials are the cancer of humanity! They push their pandering virtue signalling and truly are hypocrites

  2. Anonymous says:

    LMFAO welcome to being normal.
    now you are just like any other cis gendered straight schlub, you have now been commercialized and commoditized a marketing gimmick just like everyone else.

  3. Your mom says:

    I hear you buddy…. The rainbow-washing and pandering is pathetic…. The young ones in our community are annoying as f___ and make ALL of us look bad….

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