I’m a coward for protecting my children. Then so be it.

To the woman who keeps posting negativity you need to stop. There is a woman who hates me, she knows who she is and I’ve recently removed her from our life. Usually she carries on with her angry bitter position, but every now and then she for some reason goes on a rant spree of how much she hates me. Does this make me a coward? Can anyone pls tell me why someone I don’t even have in my life keeps coming to anonymous sites and telling me off when we don’t even have anything to do with one another and we aren’t even blood relatives ? What the hell is wrong with this picture. Seriously I feel like I might need to have authorities get involved incase I’m being a stalked by this woman

Lady, you’re the one who’s been a daily alcoholic for the last 10 years, ruined your own outlook and chances for any positive beauty fun in life, I haven’t spoken, thought or even seen a peep about you in about a year, and yet here you go on another rampage about me when I haven’t done anything to you. The last I saw you I was 5 seconds away from calling police for your abusive tantrum you pulled right in front of family and kids because you were jonsing for your poison and someone looked at you the wrong way. Enough. Please get me out of your mind. You’re only ruining your own life.

You refuse to get help for your admitted psychological childhood trauma, and adult problems. You pick fights in public with complete strangers because you feel like “punching out a skinny bitch” for no reason at all. I never stepped on your toes like the way you do to everyone. I was able to deal with my own problems, control my own alcohol triggers and be able to behave in public even though I’m far from perfect I still do my best for my family and I stay in my lane. You have problems inserting your abusive misdirected anger where you have no business inserting yourself and it need to stop. Children can be taught the ways and truth of the wold without being forced to grow up too fast and to hear adults screaming profanity constantly. All that does is put children in a state of shock, trauma and something they can’t biologically even process yet. Just stop. You always say I’m a coward. What makes me a coward. The fact th at I finally stood up to you, told you off and stood up for the children. You hated me for speaking mg the truth.

So I ask this question (and apologize to the shout-out community for this long winded story) but can anyone tell me why wanting to keep trouble making women away from my children? And who’s the real coward here if everyone around her is enabling her and walking on eggshells due to fear of reprisals from her explosive hurtful abusive temper? When I was the one who decided to finally enough is enough. Am I a coward and what can I do? So frustrating.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Take a breath. And ignore. Focus on other things that will actually benefit you. And who cares what anyone says. You get the last word sometimes, by saying nothing and not playing into the hand you`re being dealt. Ignore. No ball game when the other refuses to pick up the ball thrown at them. Let the person be. Do you. Never mind the coward comments. Like a puff of wind. Let it roll off into thin air. You can only control you. Maybe take a break from social media… No need to go looking at what some donkey is saying in a state. You have better things to do. Like being happy and healthy. How`s that for a response. : ) The best reaction is having none at all. After a while, won`t even faze you. First, you have to stop reacting. Desensitize yourself from this. Put a grin on your face, know you got the power, and build on that. No one can take that away from you. You`re in charge of your reactions. Not someone else. That`s why they`re doing it. Get the wheel going in another direction. It`ll throw the person off. B.s your way through it. “No, I didn`t see what she wrote”. And change the subject. After a while, you won`t even care what`s being said. And yes, it will stop. Don`t worry yourself over this. Stick to your good decisions. This isn`t your struggle. The turmoil is in the other person. Let her be. Let her have her drama filled life and you seek the peace some can`t get a grasp of. And if you don`t like her talking about you… do the same. Her business is just that. Her business. Her past. Her childhood. Her challenges. Put the ball down, sister. It`s the only way you`ll have inner peace.

  2. Nickers. says:

    Most of the replies you refer to (including this one, ironically), here is people’s reaction:


    Just move on. And if you see a post like this very post…move on, please.

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