Illegally entering apartments —Co op housing

I live in an co op apartment in the Sudbury area and I have been here for over 8 years now. I have heard and seen for myself some tenants here entering apartments with a board member or two. Of course they have master keys. Justifying it by saying they thought the tenant moved, checking to see if the tenants are hoarders , if they’re cleaning their apartments, even checking their two tenants refrigerators!!

Lmao I shouldnt laugh , it’s just so outrageous! I have never joined them on these illegal inspections when tenants are out for a weekend or at work. But word travels and yes I have spoken to a quite a few ladies here , who knows first hand and are 1million % okay with it and think it’s legal. I tried to explain its wasn’t ! The secretary and maintenance staff also know!

I’m utterly disgusted in all involved and did report it to a government agency a week ago. I do not know the tenants personally to let them know. One gentleman seems like a nice man , keeps to himself. A couple of tenants do have security cameras set up over cell phone . But nothing has been done about it. Maybe it’s a rumour that they have cameras . Mail is also being tampered, steamed open ! I do try to stay away from these people by going to work long hours Andy the having NO conversations with them. Any advice on what’s else I can do to help out this situation? Some of these tenants are older , should know better. They just don’t understand they can be charged if they get caught and I do care for a few of these people.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Once again …….housing issues….yes this is fucked up!
    But you are letting it happen so …….if you can’t or won’t do anything about this! Then you are nothing but a sponge who takes everything in and and no back bone yo help your fellow neighbours…..then…you deserve the same treatment

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope all involved will have their names in the media , it will be a lesson learned for all of them and most importantly housing in general , low income, market renters in apartments, townhouses, condos, single homes even mobile homes. You just can NOT break in ! It’s against the law! Are they that simple minded? Hundreds of years they had signs for NO trespassing or else and these individuals think they are invincible and could open up someone’s private residence!? Really? Oooh the charges will be lengthy

  3. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely know the rights and responsibilities in co-ops . I live in a co-op townhouse. It IS illegal for anyone to enter without notice given to the member personally. Anyone who enters would be brought up to the board and evicted and most likely the authorities would also be called . Depending on what the member wants to do about the situation and the mail ?! Oh Lordy that’s a charge in itself!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Im not shocked at all about this! Good move on reporting it but you need to inform all involved . These two tenants you mentioned should be informed ASAP

    Question for you Sir or Ma am! Since you like e in housing . Is their not a limit in housing on purchases on boats, trailers , vehicles , vacations etcetera while someone is living in those low rentals? Tax payers money ! Low income families on welfare, odsp and pensions , do they not have a limit on how much they spend on vehicles?
    Drive in any Sudbury housing and co op parking lots in the Sudbury area. Outrageous! We have hundreds of homeless people in this city , living in tents for ffs and losers like this in these places screwing the system , breaking into apartments and theirs others in these low rentals living like they’re working for a living…… Tsk tsk!
    Do they even check on these people? Im sure half of these tenants are making too much money to qualify for these Sudbury housing places……!

  5. Anonymous says:

    What a way for these older individuals to spend their golden years!! Hahaha
    The humiliation to their families when they are charged, fined , evicted and their names in the media!
    For maintenance workers the same , humiliation to friends , family and charged and outta work!!
    Kudos to all !!
    Bunch of lowlifes in these type of places!

  6. Anonymous says:

    So very wrong on so many levels!! Not cool!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I have to also agree with previous comments. But why oh why, would you even care for anyone that is involved in that kind of criminal activities???? Age doesn’t matter and yes old enough to know what’s legal and what’s not! Unless they are uneducated rednecks! Lmfao
    It’s absurd! Btw , Since you do know what is happening at your apartment complex and keep going about your day and sticking your head in the sand. ignoring the situation. You are also to blame and these rednecks may do the same to you! Good luck

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep! I agree with these replies.
      But first off call the authorities then LTA and then the housing corporation! If you do get ahold of any envelopes tgt have been tampered with, keep them! Technology today is amazing!
      Question: Do you not have locked mail boxes ?
      If so, who also has the keys for it?
      Sending luck to all going through this !
      Shame on them!

  8. pm laberge says:

    First, in Condos, there is a Condo Agreement. What they can and cannot do, as well as your rights and responsibilities are in that agreement.

    Second, mail opening is in the hands of Canada Post. Mail tampering is a Federal Crime, if it can be “demonstrated”

    You may want to contact the Landlord and Tenant Bureau for help. You may need legal aid, also. The key will be evbidence.

    • Anonymous says:

      Co op, not condo. Big difference, but there should still be an agreement to source. Advice for the OP should be to warn any and all tenants of this and let the individual tenants do what they want with the info. And report it to proper authorities as illegal entry and let the authorities investigate. Agree Landlord Tenant Assoc should be notified too