Illegal Exhaust

Hi, looking for a shop to do best exhaust work and they don’t care that I don’t want a cat or muffler just straight pipes.

I want my neighbours to know when I come and go.



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  1. Fuck your straight pipe, throw a badass cam in it. They’ll feel you coming instead.

  2. Sawsall the pipe directly under your feet then cut a nice square hole also in your floor so you can also hear the raw horse power and fresh supply of CO2 you’ll love it!

  3. James White James White says:

    It will let your neighbors know when you’re coming and going, and it will tell the ladies everything they need to know about you. I hope it’s a manual cause you’ll need the practice working a stick, lol

  4. Rob Dobson Rob Dobson says:

    Whos gonna narc themselves out on here OP. Dumbass

  5. Trebor Gladu Trebor Gladu says:

    Cool… Now I’ll know when it’s a gold time to rob your house… Since I’ll hear you leaving. :p

  6. Rod Golden Rod Golden says:

    this guy ain’t to smart to announce it on this sigh i dont know of any shops that would do it and if the guy works for the MTO and is trying to catch shops that do hot safties he just got them busted idiot and if enough of his neighbours complain the cops will call MTO and pull his car for an inspection and then pull his plates if one single bolt is out of place so good luck to hi

  7. Matt Woito Matt Woito says:

    Lol so ppl can know when your not home and get a heads up when your coming back

  8. Do it yourself then ya lazy cunt

  9. Tell the poster to PM you instead of dropping names . If you feel like driving to north bay for it msg me

  10. Ernie Watts Ernie Watts says:

    wow you must be a asshat

  11. Steve @ muffler shop on the kingsway

  12. No one will anymore !machanics are to scared to lose their license ..find a back yard machanic and have him do it one else will in a legit shop .I try ed and was denied at like three places .

  13. Muffler shop on Kingsway did my old Dakota back in the day 60$ and she’s loud

  14. Why wouldn’t you want a cat? Lol

  15. Approval team based outta missisauga has a garage and they have no problem doing illegal certs for vehicles they sell so I’m sure they can help you out

  16. Ryan Burke Ryan Burke says:

    You’re an idiot… Let me guess, driving a Honda civic too, right?

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