Illegal activity at Sudbury pharmacy

Which Sudbury pharmacy has this occurred at? The public has a right to full disclosure when identity theft is involved: name of pharmacy and location.

Shame on Sudbury. It goes without saying, this drug trafficker greatly participated in fueling the community`s current opioid epidemic, with blatant disregard for all human life. How could you work in a pharmacy? Goes to show, diplomas do not come with a moral compass. The opioid pandemic not only affects the addicts. It devastates families, affects our youth and has serious repercussions on the safety of the community at large. Wrap your brain around this: over a million and a half dollars in monetary gain, from the proceeds of these repeated crimes. These crimes were planned then carried out. The brazenness!! The courts need to set the example in this particular case, in deterring and addressing the natural consequences for these chosen illegal activities.

There is a very large number of vulnerable people residing in Sudbury, and beyond. Like a spider`s web, these drugs made their way to many. A huge thank you to the fellow worker who reported the suspicions attached to the clandestine activities of this colleague. As with many fields of employment, you are in a privileged professional position. As a society, we each play a role in contributing positively to a healthy community. Our choices carry far and wide. So again I ask, at which Sudbury pharmacy did this occur, name and location. Someone knows.

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