Saw this idiot driving around the flour mill. Clean off your friggen vehicle people



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  1. Lora Roch Lora Roch says:

    Only in the flour mill. Mr Jean Guy

  2. Ben Rinaldo Ben Rinaldo says:

    Why clean it, we’re only going to get more snow.

  3. It’s the new trend don’t clean in your driveway get out and remove in a drive through line or mall parking lots.
    Absolute idiotizmn at it’s best.

  4. Pure laziness if you drive your vehicle that way

  5. Yup I watched someone the other day on riverside have a shit ton of snow slip from the top of her car right onto her windshield. She was lucky to be on a quiet street where she could easily pull over without being able to see at all. Mind boggling.

  6. Yah social media .
    This little piggy went rant, rant, rant all the way to the kitchen…

  7. Troy Teddy Troy Teddy says:

    Just put it in 4 high and floor it…. problem solved

  8. How else are you suppose to keep your beer cold?

  9. That is why there has been 400 accidents in two weeks in Sudbury, because of idiots like this @

  10. Mike Charron Mike Charron says:

    I’d want to hide the fact I’m driving an early model GMC Sierra in the flour mill as well

  11. Smart where’s the license plate must be testing a new truck out lol

  12. Ann Lamont Ann Lamont says:

    Too lazy to take a few minutes to clear ALL the snow, n9t just a gap in windshield….guess they would rather hurt somebody or damage somebody’s vehicle

  13. Joey Telfer Joey Telfer says:

    Ya I told a lady parked at timmies dt to wipe her snow off her car only snow that was pushed off was her wiper blade spot she told me off. So told her hope she crashes and to have a nice day

  14. Send this pic to the police

  15. Mark Kramer Mark Kramer says:

    Seeing it’s in the flour mill area , perhaps someone stole his snow brush and he was going to buy a new one

  16. Emily Tang Emily Tang says:

    bad area probably drunk or high no wonder we have accidents. Putting people life at risk

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