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Hi parents. Many of you im sure have excellent insight on this topic already, but I’d quickly like to touch on it again.

As a retired person who spent most of their life working with kids and parents, one thing really stood out; even if the parents were split, the boy who had a father who wasn’t letting him get away with everything, like so many are doing today, are ending up very well behaved young men with a higher ease of success rate. Meaning they didn’t have to claw their way to get anywhere learning as the went. Since their dad was their to catch the mistakes as they grew and taught them right from wrong before growing into sloppy, unknowing adults.

On the flip side, many dad’s today aren’t calling their sons out on their own crap, and they’re walking all over people in the wrong manners. Those boys wind up being opposite of respectful, And they then mistreat women and sadly, even their own mothers. Mothers aren’t the ones who are supposed to be the sole disciplinary of the boy, infant its quite unnatural. It’s scientifically proven that if a boy has a dad who calls him out on his crap at ALL ages, young and old, he’ll be more of a man, more well rounded and just all around a better person. The boy who thinks everything is a joke becasue he lives in a house where the dad is too distracted or plain lazy to put in the work, stats show he doesn’t do so well later in life. And I’ve seen it with my own eyes with several generations.

Fellas, don’t raise punk boys. This world is full of them as it is. Letting them act like they were raised in a barn yard actually is the most toxic, neglectful, child abusing thing you can do to your own son. Don’t worry ladies, you’re not off the hook either, but I’m saving rhat for that another post. These need to be addressed separately, since they explain separate issues.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    That was more than a second and I will never get that time back. Quit gaslighting

  2. Anonymous says:

    Correlation does not equal causation. Careful with thinking random associations means specific things…that’s not how it works. There could be a lot of factors involved in the end result that you have not considered