I was the one posted about the death of a parent

Hi. I just need to let know there was no will, nothing.. a very small estate, 2 beneficiaries, one emergency contact.

The emergency contact was notified by police,and thr other beneficiary was not allowed to be included in anything by that emergency contact and even had to ask for ashes. When i asked, the person assuming complete control said, and I quote “well how many of the ashes do you want.” That was my first red flag. Last time.i checked everything is supposed to automatically be halved. No?

When offered my time off work to complete both of us being estate trustee , I was told on the phone “ookay.. um.. I’ll text you with a time. 3 hrs later I was told, “sorry, I won’t do this with you, I will contact a lawyer before meeting with you. Then i was never contacted again. Well duh, if that isn’t avoidance, I don’t know what is. I waited and waited. And nothing. NO, THERE IS NO WILL. No one is better than anyone, no one should be pushes away, singled out or completely banished from that life. Not to any stretch of the imagination.

And yes, even if it’s 20 dollars. Tpure damn right I deserve half. Inhave a child who deserves better too. I’m tired of being always pushed away for just no reason at all. I did nothing wrong to these folks. It’s creepy and messed up and I’d love to know who could condone this



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Go to the courts and get a certificate of appointment. This is why wills are important, to avoid crap like this after death.

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