I need something relaxing

I’ve heard riding horses and being in nature is relaxing. I love horses but don’t have much experience on them. I’ve only been on a trail ride twice in my life. I want to go riding once or twice a week. Problem is, I can’t afford to pay $40/hr at a ranch.

I’m wondering if there’s anywhere or anyone who would be willing to let me ride their horses for either less money or in return for mucking out a barn? I really just need something to relieve my stress so I can be a better mom to my kids. I’m so stressed it’s almost leading me into a depression. I work a job also, but I’m hoping someone is willing to make a deal where I can come once or twice a week, muck out their barn and then go for a ride for an hour or 2. It’s basically free labour lol. I don’t want to be paid money, just time with a horse.

I would love to buy my own horse, but they’re expensive to feed and board somewhere. Thanks



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  1. Crystal Raby Crystal Raby says:

    I think its terrible all the discouragement going on here. This poor stressed mother probably KNOWS better than anyone what would help her out and so she is looking for ppl to help her. Not tell her to do something else! Talk about adding to her frustration!! Honestly… If you cant offer her something like Matt Peredery or the others tagging or suggesting places… Then u shouldnt be commenting. Shes not asking for advice on something else to do. Shes asking for help with something she already knows about herself. Good luck in finding what u r looking for!!!

  2. Luc Rioux Luc Rioux says:

    smoke some cbd you ll be pretty relax ……..sleep like a baby take pain away and inflamation same time wake up so refresh unreal …..

  3. Yes it is relaxing. Growing up, we rode on weekends. If I remember correctly, it cost $16 back then for 1 hour. What a treat it was.

  4. i think if you are stessed working mom that offering to volunteer working hours to ride for a couple of hours is not going to relieve your stress but add to it by adding another commitment. walking is great excersise away from the city offers better air quality amd youbare not commited to it its at your own leisure.

    • Bonnie Michelle a lot of people would find that relaxing. She isn’t talking about a physical break. She is talking about a mental break. Away from her huge responsibiltiies and the ability to focus on the task at hand and then the follow up reward of riding. People find things like this very freeing and relaxing.

    • Melissa Puzak i 100% agree im fortunate to have access to horses so i know they can be relaxing.. but in her post she claimed to be really stressed. it is in my opinion and experience that commiting to something in addition to your already demanding responsabilities may not be in her best interest in reducing stress

    • I’m curious as to why two people are discussing what’s best for someone that you don’t know. LoL

    • Linda says:

      I`ll have to say that the woman who`s asking knows what`s best for her. It isn`t about putting in volunteering hours. It`s a means to an end. She`s willing to do it because she`s looking for a way to add something to her life before something big gets taken away… her health and well-being. I`m so happy to hear the responses from people recognizing an opportunity to lend a hand in some way to help someone overcome something that`s presently happening in their life. And she`s not looking for a freebie. If anyone knows what hard work looks like.. a good mom does. I wouldn`t say it`s free labor though. They own the horses… there`s an opportunity to be on their land and ride. Fair exchange. Also, walking doesn`t always cut it for some. If you`re kinesthetic you need to be doing something active, not just placing one foot in front of the other the whole while thinking about your problems. Riding a horse.. she`ll be thinking about… riding that horse lol. Other stuff won`t get a chance to bounce around in her head lol. Trying something new. That`s a plus. She`s clearly looking for solutions. That`s the best place to start. By trying.

    • Amanda Savoie because they put it out on social media. amd there was nothing negative being said simple advice amd opinion but thatnk you for your input

    • Bonnie Michelle Actually it does reduce stress.. It’s like a reset button that helps reset the mind back. I get stressed, overwhelmed, and crabby.. The barn is what brings me peace, and balance back to my mind. It never feels like another commitment, it feels like being freed from reality during the time spent with them. I left for the barn at 12:15pm today.. and just got back home now. Went to 2 barns during that time, and feel refreshed, happy, and relaxed.
      This person in question won’t know if it has the same affect for them unless they try it, so why discourage someone from reaching out for an option that can very well be beneficial to their mental health?

    • Shawna Larose not my intention to discourage this person at all. just something i would put out to consider.

    • How is this not discouraging? “Is not going to relieve your stress, but add to it” being the most negative part said.
      I can say for a FACT, it does for those who have a love or passion for horses.
      I can say fishing will not relieve stress for me, but would never suggest to someone else ot can’t. You assumed in a way that was discouraging for her. If she didn’t have an interest in horses, she wouldn’t have brought that up as an option herself.

    • Shawna Larose all that i meant was the commitment to to have to go clean a barn in exchange for riding time this would be time consuming amd also have an obligation to it. and what i gathered from the post is that they are working with kids. they also mentioned hiking and it was in my opinion to suggest hiking and my reasoning as to why for consideration on their part. i dont feel that i waa veing discouraging but practical in my advice they can take wgat inhad to say in considerarion or leave it. i dont understand why you are so upset by my comment for someone whi has spent an entire day of peace and relaxation. have a good day

    • Bonnie Michelle perception.. The way it’s worded is easy to convey as discouragement. A hike doesn’t sound relaxing to me at all, but might be for others. Again, perception, the cleaning stalls from how I see it, is when she has time to help, she gets horse time as her payment. Not that she would be taking on a job that requires her to be out every day, or specific days. No set commitment at all.
      Clearly we both read it differently, as well as I read yours in a way you didn’t intend it to sound.
      Hope you enjoy your day.. I’ll be enjoying mine at the barn again.

  5. Faye Russell Faye Russell says:

    I think caring for an animal would be beneficial without the riding part. Volunteering is a great idea. Wish you luck.

  6. Can use help on the farm can teach you about horses. Have rescues here so you can learn/ride them. please PM me or call the farm land line @ 705 593-2478. Thanks, Matt. Located in Hanmer.

  7. Horses truely are a way to relieve stress, and help with anxieties and/or depression. For me, they are a reset button, and probably why I haven’t killed anyone.. lol
    I know a few people with quiet horses who may be willing to work something out. Chances are though they will require you to get your own insurance as to protect them as well. “Intact” has basically the same as “OEF” but for under $50 for the year.
    It can definitely be relaxing!!! 🙂 lol

  8. Just go for a walk and enjoy your surroundings. Find a hobby that’s only for you and takes you out of your house.

  9. Riding horses doesnt sound relaxing to me…. lol

    • Not for all, but for anyone with a love for them, it’s usually a fool proof way to reset the mind and soul.. But we all have different passions.. I personally don’t find fishing relaxing, but many others do. Lol

  10. Problem with someone letting a stranger with no experience ride their horse is minor things you do, teach the horse bad behaviours.

    Holding hands to high, yanking on the bit, kicking or pressing to hard into the horse. You end up teaching horrible habits that take a long time to break.

    A ranch has horses broke to essentially ignore the rider and follow in a line, they don’t pick up the same bad habits.

  11. Hello Anonymous , my husband and I own heavenly acres send me a private message on our fb page and I think we can work something out!,,

  12. Destiny Ridge Farm ask for Laura or Catherine

  13. Save a horse, ride a cowboy! jk I think on the way to the Valley from Chelmsford, there’s barns

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