I might be a little bit much but honey your obscene

I might be a little young but honey I ain’t naive
I might be a little much but honey your obscene

I have done nothing but support you through everythng, give you everything you’vee needed and be there when noone else wanted you I have been the one you run too for years now and the one you run back too over and over. You cheat on all your girlfriends with me! I’m the one you want and I’m better than any of them. And you no it.

You had no right to humiliate me like that! You kicked me out! In front of everyone and in front of my boy. Your a fucking hypocrite. You love me and you know it, always have, but pretend you dont even like me in front of them. It’s only cuz she is sitting there . But you are the one who did it to me for real. You shouldnt have.

You know you wanted me there, . You know your mom would have wanted me there and my beautiful friend too, your daughters mother at that and you didn’t even invite her. And you chose her over us for what? To look good for the old folks? To Pretend you changed? That’s bullshit. I’m the one who has changed and am doing great and what recognition do i get for that? Im better than you and always have been even when my life was a little fucked up. Your Mother knew your baby mamma for like 20 years, and knew me for almost 8 years! Your new fat old bitch has been in the picture only a few and you make her look more important than us? All of your friends and brother and step dad was happy to see me. I didnt see anyonentalking to her. They know I belonged there. Your mother loved me! And u know it but you think your a hotshot now and pretend you have it all together. You wouldnt even let your brother speak becuae u wanted too look better than him. He’s been more of a dad to you kid than you and there fir her mom when you didnt give a fuck. I know all the truthnow. your a degenerate jerk hole.

You act like you’ve come clean and told that twat everything dont you. But you know you haven’t. But believe me when I say she is about to find out. I have no reason to keep secrets anymore. Dont ever try to talk to me or anything again. I hope you enjoy her old ass pussy and her sad little bag of tricks. My bag was huge and you are never gonna see those tricks again. I was the best friend and fuck you ever had and you fucked that up for good.

A time of respect my ass! Dont ever contact me or have anyone say hi to me ever again!



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  1. just a random dude says:

    i hope this rant makes it to its proper recepient and not some random other group of individuals that are in a simmilar triagle cause from wha i read in this public attempt of outrage ,,it could be taken out of its directed purpose by any other person who would assume it was their drama being aired for the general public to see ,,,all that asside to the person who wrote it ,,good choice of words to straight up put whoever in the clear of your choice of status in your love triangle ,,,and as a fly on the wall having seen these ituations many times i hope it doesnt become a wasted speech and tomorow you just go and put yourself right back into the thickof things leaving this rant to be pointless other then to draw attention from random readers like myself who are so bored that they wrote a reply to this “non my buisness” rant ,,but if it is in the public eye why thehell not throw a word or two in there for somethig to do lol take care and if you are as truthfully this passionate and confident that you are something really good and special well maybe hit me up and see if maybeyou just need to find someone who can appreciate you for you ,,,who knows might be fate finding someone who can read between the lines andbe someone who your life has been waiting to cross paths with and maybe didnt even know it lol,,,take care

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dear OP: This man clearly has no respect for you and it doesn’t sound as though he ever did, if your words are true. But it also doesn’t sound like you gave him much reason to respect you either. There is nothing to gain by posting all of this on here. Is Jerry Springer still on TV? Maybe that should be your route to get it all out in the open & move on. But find enough respect for yourself to drop this (at least on here) and move on.

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