I guess some people think they no more than they do, and some don’t understand they know more than they think

Have you ever felt what it’s like to hear your lover tell you how much they love you and know that they believe it when they say they will never do it again, but despite their honesty it happens, anyway?

Have you looked at your daughter’s face as she tells you she is going to the mall, and you recognize she is not being honest, but she is 16 and there is nothing you can do about it?

Did you grow up watching your parent/parents slip down the slippery slope of their addiction while you were too young to understand it was not your fault, and you just wanted them back? But then they were gone?

Have you experienced a beautiful human being transformed before your eyes into someone you don’t recognize, knowing the person you love is still in there somewhere, lost in a place too deep where you can’t shine the light for them?

Be kind when you talk about addictions. If you don’t know what these concepts feel like, I encourage the practice of “Don’t speak of things you don’t understand”. Unless you’ve walked the walk, you shouldn’t talk the talk.

Signed: a former chemically dependent citizen who is so “GRATEFUL” every day for all the support they had in recovery and who has abstained from use for over 15 years as well as returned to a successful career after post secondary education. I understand how fortunate I am. Not everyone gets the help that I did. Many folks out there determined I would never amount to anything in this world. Some individuals never stopped believing in me. Who do you think was right? Don’t let people’s judgment stop you from healing and living the lifestyle you deserve. The power is in your hands more than it seems, and you can get more control over your life than it may feel right now. If you fall today, that’s okay. As long as you continue getting up and put your best foot forward to try again. Many of us believe in you. You just need to recognize that you are stronger than you ever expected.



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