I figured it out (Fixed)

The government brings in bus loads of migrants because Canadians and all citizens everywhere are finding it increasingly hard to afford basic necessities, which in turn means they refuse to work because they refuse to be paid less than they’re worth, so how does the government fix this problem?

By bringing in migrants whom earn pennies/hr in their home country to take a $15/hr job in a foreign country, it’s a no brainer for them, but Canadians and all other citizens around the world get fucked because instead of our protest for higher wages going somewhere, the government just brings in these migrants instead of addressing the real wage issue, whom also in turn vote for whoever brought them here giving them a much better life instead of helping Canadians, you know him as Justin Trudeau.

It isn’t just happening here, it’s happening in the States and all over the world, our bought politicians have deals with Amazon and other corporations so they can maintain monopolies and maximum profits, this is because if Canadians or any citizens of a particular country aren’t working due to low wages, then that means you aren’t earning tax revenue off their slave wages, the governments quick fix is to fuck over their citizens by not fixing wages and instead they start bringing in immigrants who will work for those low wages so the flow of tax revenue to the government never ceases.

This is why the government likes Bezos, as he’s providing direct competition with China through these exact means, you can see this both from the States’ side and the Canadian side as Bezos works both with Trudeau to open a base of operations in Ottawa, and a multitude of government organizations within the States, you can find video of Bezos openly admitting that “The 21st century is India’s” proving he is the mastermind behind all this with ties to India, which ties all three countries together as both the States and Canada have been shipping in loads of Indians, as we’ve all seen.

The reason these Indian families can afford to buy up special properties and businesses is because they’re afforded special privileges, they get free money from the government on the hush hush to make their transition as smooth as possible including but not limited to free college and university education, imagine if the government did that for you, they get free housing immediately upon entering our country, imagine if the government did that for you, or our homeless, they’re allowed to stack up 6 or more working family members per house where you as a Canadian are only allowed to have exactly nobody, God forbid they catch you with another human who stayed the night at your place for the lewd debauchery act of fornication, having six incomes means you can earn a net profit $14,000 a month before taxes, that’s a lot of taxation money for governments and a lot of business opportunity for Indians in the 21st century.

They go through all of this instead of addressing our wage complaints so they can keep their tax revenue fully intact instead of simply just dealing with us and making a better life for pre-existing Canadians, much like life insurance when you have a pre-existing condition, they don’t care about us anymore, hell they’ll let food go rotten on the shelves before they’ll let starving people eat it, just remember that going forward as we continually get fucked by every politician that pretends to be for you, I know you don’t want to hear it, but if this were the time of our ancestors, they’d of been calling for a bloody revolution a long time ago, it’s time to fight for yours.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    If the root of capitalism is supply and demand, like we see with groceries, rent, gas, vehicles etc. Less supply and high drmand = higher prices, then why are wages so stagnant? Even with mass immigration all we hear about is how places need workers, well supply and demand ffs should apply for wages too. The answer is not to import even more people, the answer is too pay people more so they would want to work for you and, once employed, they would stay there since the wage offered should be high enough to cover bills and people should have enough to cover having kids and saving for retirement without the need of government assistance. Canadians should be able to afford to live off one job, and picking up secondary or tertiary jobs should be a choice, not a necessity. Canada did not need copious amounts of people at work when families were able to survive off one income and parents could afford 12 kids if they wanted to. Wages have not kept up with cost of living that’s for sure. Even jobs that used to be considered well paying aren’t cutting it anymore. Something needs to change in this country because soon we will all be making minimum wage while cost of living sky rocket. The way things are going I predict we will see a form of communism within 10 years unless things change, yeah you may be able to vote, but it doesn’t matter who you vote for if the only difference is the colour of the party you chose.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Every immigrant is a vote for the liberals

  3. Anonymous says:

    Alot of immigrants come here and are surprised at how expensive our country is, they find out pretty quickly that 15$ an hour does not get you far around here and many end up going back home after they’ve had enough. You are right about certain things, while most of us have to work for years at a company in order to get health, vision, and dental, those with refugee status get off the plane and have all that right from the get go. Also if you are native it is also covered. If you are on welfare, it is also covered. But for the working class you better have a decent job and hope management doesn’t play any stupid games so you can keep your job long enough to qualify.

  4. Cuckservative says:

    Waaaaa waaaa waaaa…..stop your whinging !
    Pull yourself up by the bootstraps, why should successful businesses be paying for the lazy stupids?

    Entitled babies crying boohoo boohoo i don’t have enough money waaa waaa other people are willing to do the job cheaper, i bought everything on credit and live beyond my means “sniffle sniffle”


    • Anonymous says:

      Da fuqqqq?

      Why should business be paying minimum wage for un-lazy, motivated people? That is the crux of the issue. That people get stuck in these jobs for years or their entire life. They don’t know how to use credit cards or get sucked into some dumb contract somewhere.

      I am not replaceable. Sorry bro.

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