I feel sad

My ex is so mean. No matter how I try to uplift him, whilst still remaining true to the fact we are not getting back together and were a nightmare couple to begin with, he is still so heartless and gross.

I remember always hearing him talk of how he is going to ask this millionaire and that millionaire for a business investment. Just like they do on dragons den, or any other business proposal event, but inwas always crushed to see how crule he could treat me when me, being the small fry I was/am, c9mpared to him, was like and still is like, pulling teeth to get a single shred of help as small as my request is, but je was so full of happiness when he’d tell me he was making preparations to walk into a business meeting and ask for a few hundred thousand.

Ypu have to understand how belittling and gut wrenching it is to this day, whwn asking the father if your child for any small favour at all, makes me feel so bad, unwanted and so much of a troubled inconvenience, when he shows me how valuable he believes he is over the woman who carried his child for 9 months and never even got to love with him. Makes me cry. I just don’t even know what I can possible do to show worthy as anyone.else is, anymore. I’ve tried everything. But we share a child, and he knows there’s nothing I to make him be nicer to me. Sucks. Exhausted.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Keep the child away from him

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