I don’t get it!

So for years people have asked me how’s you stay in shape . It’s basic I walk …stay active .

So why is it ,, when a woman has gained a lot of weight and is now losing weight by being active . Posts pictures and videos of progress wanting peoples accolades. It’s your fault in the first place you got that way . Obviously because being active is working ,,, so why do you need such accolades for losing weight !!

I think the real accolades should go to the few women in Sudbury who don’t let themselves go and continuously have kept active . Through children’ , depression and just life these woman have kept themselves healthy ,,, why don’t they deserve the accolades for not being your typical Sudbury girl and using every excuse in the book for their weight gain . Then want everyone to praise them when they start losing it !



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Try being a woman who is forced to be on bed rest while pregnant and expected to eat a certain diet due to not only the babies development but also the mom’s health for six months or more, then having to be put threw a c-section due to more high risks, and having to be on bed rest more in order to heal, while trying to take care of a new born baby or two.
    It’s not like she said “okay let’s be high risk while pregnant and be stressed out and possibly die due to complications and then get sliced open to pop my kid out after gaining a shit load of weight then gain more weight as I recover from surgery”

    That’s fucked up, not all woman choose to “let them selves go” there are hormonal imbalances that do exist that can cause weight gain and other medical issues like thyroid etc.
    Not to mention the woman who are working a desk job for hours on end and so much more.

    Instead of being a judgemental asshole putting woman down for their weight etc how about you educate yourself as to many reasons of why woman in general have weight gain, something as little as a benign tumor can cause unwanted medical issues like weight gain etc. It’s not always willingness to being lazy or “letting themselves go”, get educated for crying out loud …

  2. anonymous says:

    It’s like that girl in the noom commercial who says “I thought it was my fault” when other diets didn’t work. She is correct, it was her fault. More calories in than expended equals weight gain.I do find the endless quest for likes and praise to be needy.

  3. Brock says:

    You are so correct. Staying in shape should be praised. Yes, losing weight should also be praised as well. The thing is people who let themselves go for any reason should not be ashamed if they are trying to lose the excess pounds. We need to honour everyone who is trying.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Your health is your reward… Somebody is sounding a little jealous. For some people it is cause of health issues.. Thyroid for instance. Many medications can cause weight gain. For anybody to loose weight it is a milestone. Some people can’t put weight on, no matter how hard they try.. It isn’t hard to stay a healthy weight if your one of them people. You should be a little bit more compassionate if you don’t want to celebrate their miles stones, that is your prerogative, but don’t put them down for trying to get back on track.. Sounds like you are lacking attention in your life, and are blaming people with health issues so you can feel better. You have some issues there, maybe you should talk with somebody or not be so high on yourself. We all have issues.. People don’t go around saying, gee I am not mentally ill, so I should get a reward for being normal. SMH

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