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Does that Furst Nation on Hwy69, like 1.5hrs south of Sudbury, the new building there, do they sell pot much like Creator’s Choice? Heading that way Tuesday and that would be really convenient.


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  1. Be mindful the only legal place to buy cannibis in ontario is online at ocs

  2. Its not first nation. Its Canadian Indian.

  3. And this is why they got raided you stupid fucks

  4. Bob Jones Bob Jones says:

    If you shop around you can find grams from BC for 4$….

  5. Barb Adams Barb Adams says:

    They aren’t open yet at Henvey Inlet

  6. There is 2 dispensaries on henvey inlet first nations south of sudbury. One is on bekanon road and the other is right at key river. Both were robbed about 2-3 weeks ago and then raided just last week. Cant confirm if their reopen yet or not

  7. What about oils that are responsible in cost

  8. Nick Nelson Nick Nelson says:

    Creators choice is the dispensary that just opened a new building not fnm

  9. Eric RB Eric RB says:

    Check your compass and map first then maybe you will get an answer.

  10. Yes it is open. Drive in

  11. Lance Myke Lance Myke says:

    The place on bekanon (hour south of sudbury) got raided last week likely a few days before the reopen if they do

  12. As far as I’m aware the reserve past capreol is the only one that has pot stores in the north.

  13. use flex delivery and order online

  14. If your talking about the one on Tobacco Road just past sturgeon I don’t know,they have a sign but never stopped

  15. Not as of yesterday but they will reopen soon they were raided last week

  16. You need to be more specific there its lots of reserves down that way…

  17. Sandra Anne Sandra Anne says:

    You’re not going to get a good response on here. The first person who answered doesn’t even no which direction South of Sudbury is lol

  18. Maggie Bite Maggie Bite says:

    Think this is magnetswan or near Parry sound.

  19. Lisa Dunbar Lisa Dunbar says:

    If it’s the one near capreol…yes!

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