HSN harassment

Workplace harassment being marketed as Ministry of Labour mandate. If the MOL is insisting that eye protective goggles be worn on a healthcare facility property when an employee is walking outside…by themselves to their vehicle in the parking lot for example, shouldn’t this be mandatory for all workplaces? Why is it that I can be outside, alone anywhere in Ontario without wearing protective eyewear EXCEPT in said parking lot??!!

Also, How am I allowed to remove BOTH my mask and my protective eyewear INSIDE thIs same healthcare facility as long as I am in a designated eating area… even if someone else is doing the same 2 meters away from me? WHAT?! I have complied with all infection control protocols issued by my workplace including wearing my mask and eye protective wear while inside the building, as well as washing/sanitizing my hands over 100 times per day but making me wear approved eyewear – not prescription glasses/sunglasses – outside in your parking lots when I am by myself? Don’t lie about it either, this isn’t MOL driven otherwise it would be the policy in general for all businesses. It is becoming harassment of essential workers who are already giving you 100%…

We are COVID tired too but still want to do our job within reasonable protocols WITHOUT feeling fearful that a solo sunny walk outside to our car (while wearing sunglasses instead of approved face shields) will result in being harassed or reprimanded.



5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    why is it such a big deal I don’t get it. just walk to ur car in goggles and a mask. its not that fking hard, Karen

  2. Ron says:

    This covid scam was never about your health and wellness. Don’t expect it to make sense. Don’t expect your corrupt government to follow laws, real science or respect stats.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bang on! Look at pics from the g7. Conveniently all but one are liberal. Italy is an independent. Most of which are in the at risk age group no masks touching close quarters plotting our next lockdown. How many variants will be spread since they are all from different countries?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Their property, their rules. Suck it up