How we forget

How soon we forget how you were called out on being racist. You didn’t like being attacked online and having people hate you for your words. Now you’re treating people that exact same way for less.

Opinions are opinions. If you can’t handle it, then maybe keep to yourself.



5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Pandemic is over time to bring on the race baiting again. If you are white better hold your tongue lest you be called a racist when people disagree with you. Fuck outta here with that attitude.

    • DadPool says:

      Honestly terms like racist have lost their power. They have been thrown around so Willy nilly in order to shame any opposing idea it’s almost laughable. It is truly sad that they have diminished such powerful words.
      If “racist” means a White person who refuses to be disloyal to our own race in an era where treason is glorified then it is a label I will wear with pride.
      It is those who betray and attack their own race who should live in shame.
      At some point someone will have to point out to the racism industry wokesters/grifters that actual science says there is a grand total of…one race. They are still following “science” from the days when they were measuring skullsand using leaches. A non-racist, Fundamentally…….at the core… a racist!

  2. Andrew Anacona says:

    I’m not a racist, i’ve never watched Nascar or F-1 i haven’t even watched the the triple crown or champion of champions

  3. Anonymous says:

    Racism only counts if it’s towards “colored” people. Even though people are racist towards whites, it’s not racism (or so I’m told)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am racist against no one (as long as white)