How to correctly hit a pothole

To find out the how-to, to correctly hiting a pothole in Sudbury, read today`s Sudbury Star. Welcome once again, to the land of Fruitloops. And remember folks for your own good, try/do your best to hit it just right. The biggest idiots aren`t the people on the road. The biggest idiots are the people who think it`s ok to keep these roads in the state they are in, year after year all the while passing the tax bill and tax increases onto the citizens, with the added benefit of having tips provided to the general public on how to best hit the potholes you encounter. Good deal! It is now up to you to use the same routes, memorize the potholes, not swerve to avoid them lest YOU cause an accident and learn to drive right into them. Like I said, welcome to the land of Fruitloops.



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  1. It’s a fucking rally race out there you almost need a passenger telling you hard pothole on the right light pothole on the left

  2. We should publish an article called how to properly spend tax payers money and maintain road ways

  3. Another smart thing to do would be to call the city, give them good directions as to where the pothole is. I did that for two potholes, it was fixed quickly. I really worried about my car being damaged, but it was lucky, did not happen. Please, if you see something nasty, just call 311, they are very pleasant.

    • Irene Sacchetto or they can build the roads properly the first time so we don’t have this issue a year or two after a road is fixed.

    • Schuyler James Netzel this happens every year. It’s called living in the north.

    • Jacky Montgrain it’s never been this bad…. I’ve lived here forever and this is the worst it’s ever been and it’s due to the cheap grade asphalt being used….

    • Schuyler James Netzel Of course, they seem to get the worst contractors to build the roads every time. Honestly, I feel they must get a kickback because they always hire the same contractors. A few bucks in their pockets helps them decide who will build the roads. It’s just like the Liberals with their Lavalin scam. This world is full of greedy people in politics to grease their palms. Sudbury politicians are no better.

    • Schuyler James Netzel Of course, they could build the roads properly, but they DON’T CARE, it’s a make work project for everyone. Wouldn’t doubt if all the crappy contractors’ are paying a alittle fee to have their contract accepted. Cheaper is not better, Also, BIGGER is definitely NOT BETTER. We lose every step of the way.

  4. Fire bigger and all his crony friends….

  5. Marty Neas Marty Neas says:

    Everyone should just drop off you wheels and rims at the municipal building doorway..

  6. Best way to hit a pothole: with a 2 dash cams. 1 on either rear quarter panel looking at both sets of wheels.
    City won’t pay for a blown tire unless you have evidence that the pothole caused the damage.

  7. Carol Spirak Carol Spirak says:

    Taxes go up here because we are paying for the councils expenses for pot and booze when they submit them. That needs to stop and should never have been put into practice. You want to drink and smoke pot pay for it yourself

  8. Whats it going to take for the city to at least take into account safety? How the same mayor got elected again is absolutely beyond me. Voters apparently accept their tax dollars not going to half decent roads??

  9. I’m sure someone is going to report me as a DUI because I will go right into the other lane to avoid hitting pot holes…

  10. I love the saying “we have to make sure our cars are road-worthy, but no one makes the roads car-worthy”

    Careful out there folks, it’s pretty brutal!

  11. Well let’s organize something

  12. Rara Paul Rara Paul says:

    Cameron Laface There would be 1000s of us. It’s completely ridiculous that you can drive down a street in Toronto and not hit the same pothole twice. Where in Sudbury you can hit the same pothole for years! I think the longest was 6 years. Untouched.

  13. Rara Paul if this actually happens I’m in

  14. If the city doesn’t want to pay to fix the roads properly, then they should pay for the damages done to the vehicles because of them.

  15. Just drove about 45 km, most of which through town. Avoided every pothole except one …that one I crawled through without damaging my car. Again….45km!

  16. It has to be impressed upon the GREATER CITY of SUDBURY that Sudburians demand #1, primo, the best asphalt available for our roads. The cost of using #2 , 2nd grade, subpar asphalt over too many yrs, PLUS digging up newly-paved roads a mere 6 wks later, has cost us 3 times more – our property taxes reflect that idiocy. I drove down Regent St from 4 corners to Frood Rd & the “craters” on every lane could have swallowed my whole pickup. Myself & 6 or more vehicles behind were weaving & swerving down Regent like Saturday night drunks. Forget the Elm St bike lanes – spend that $$ Instead on quality asphalt for Notre Dame, Paris, Regent, Elm Streets, & DON’T dig them up a month later!!

  17. Jean Young Jean Young says:

    “fruit loops” my favorite cereal, lol……

  18. Linda Potvin Linda Potvin says:

    They are not potholes any more they look like craters

  19. Linda Potvin Linda Potvin says:

    They did a pothole in front of my house they filled it patted it down hopped into white pick up truck drove over it a couple of times then left.that’s how they fix potholes sickening

  20. Summer’s coming, start drawing dicks around them. Lol

  21. Fairly new roads already falling apart. I followed a day truck from blezzard valley to chemmy I had to slow right down. He was going slow too. I thought he was going to tip a couple of times. I hit a couple that threw me into oncoming lane. Is someone going to have to be killed before these roads are fixed and redone properly. There are cracks in the seams were they joined the road. EVERYWHERE it is truly pathetic. How long did they work on Paris street?

  22. My husband says it’s like living in a 3rd world country. The job of filling them is a joke. Is that salt I hear hitting my car. Hell no,it’s the pothole filler.

  23. I drive from levack to lively to sudbury to hanmer and capreol. It’s a disgrace. I feel bad for everyone having to drive on these roads everyday.

  24. We all need to stop paying property taxes. See how long it takes to get results!

  25. How to hit a pot hole correctly wow that’s fucking dumb

  26. Joey Read Joey Read says:

    Bondo would last longer lol

  27. Ben Rinaldo Ben Rinaldo says:

    City crews are using the worst grade of asphalt available. There is no supervision to make sure that the jobs are done correctly.

  28. Shylo Parent Shylo Parent says:

    They don’t want to fix our roads. That way they get new vehicles. I’m so tired of the City of Greater Sudbury claiming they didn’t know a pot hole was there excuse. With as many vehicles they have on the road daily. Their vehicles are always in shop so they are quite aware of the pot holes. They just don’t care how our city roads are.

  29. Yep, and when you’re car gets damaged, you all need to sue the city and maybe they’ll smarten up and fix the roads.

  30. Liv Hayhurst when you hit a pothole so hard you feel your soul leave your body

  31. My Fiesta is taking a BEATING this year. Shame on you #greatersudbury

  32. Andie Cerson Andie Cerson says:

    Everything about this post …. I just am so in love with it lol

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