How not to be pls post

When you place adictions, money or strangers over family and your own responsibilities, you’re going to grab some crappy Karma. It’s just the way it is.

Don’t come Stepping to me with your grossness and abusive tendencies and then expect me to love you with open arms. Life doesn’t work like that.

People before profit, people before your selfish sickness and people before your disgusting hobbies, debauchery, and fake friends..

Take a flying leap out if my life. Youre sick, you’ve always been sick, and you always eill be sick. Until the day you die. And you cross your fingers God will open the pearly gates after all the horrible things you’ve done. You always say Jesus is going to save you but you keep being the abusive loser you’ve always been who makes conscious effort to constantly be a belligerent human. If you’re not nasty because you’re drunk you’re nasty because you’re hung over from it. Either way you’re never a pleasant, non invasive person to be around.. you bully who ever ypu can who walks into the room. You have zero class and no healthy boundaries. Yet Jesus will forgive you so you keep behaving in such a sick manner. . But I won’t forget. And i don’t have to. I’m not Jesus nor do I claim to be. Yuu constantly use the idea of Jesus as your personal savoir snd scapegoat and as long you say his name you can act in any way you wish. This isn’t how it works.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Some of the worst people I’ve ever known claimed to be Christians

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve personally witnessed how abusers “find Jesus” usually when they are locked up in prison. Unfortunately they behave exactly opposite as their religion teaches. It becomes a convenient escape goat. Born Again are the worst because they think they can abuse people however they want & be forgiven if they just repent or make a promise of true contrition. Confess & all is forgiven! Meanwhile they lack basic human respect towards others. I’m sorry but your religion is failing you if continue to mistreat people. If you were a true believer you would not be a racist, misogynist, hater. You just don’t get it. It’s probably a money maker for you so you don’t have to work a real job. Do you live off of your lies while people donate hard earned money for you to put your judgment out into the world? We need to start charging income tax on donations & earnings for all churches. Even Pope Francis was uncomfortable sleeping in such luxurious quarters given to him at the Vatican. The Vatican bank has a long history of laundering money for criminals. If you think your religion will save you, think again.