How much, is enough?

Going on a trip, in March.. in Bora bora.
And I’m wondering how many swimsuits/outfits should I bring?
Where is the best place to purshase swimwear at this time of year?

What should I include in my travel bag?


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  1. A swim suit for each day. A nice outfit for each night

  2. Rob Dobson Rob Dobson says:

    It depemds if you have bad kooch stink I would recommend one per day

  3. I like to change them up….3 a day should be good

  4. Penningtons and Additionelle have been advertising vacation wear on sale since the new year!

  5. The shops usually has their summer stock out in February

  6. Jealous!!! Dream trip is to Bora Bora

  7. Costco has alot of swim suits right now

  8. Hey op, can you PM me? I wanna ask questions about Bora Bora and where you booked.

  9. I bring a swim suit, dress, shirts and tip for everyday I’m there, plus a few cute outfits for dinners

  10. swim suit ,day dress and something fancy is all you need ,la vie en rose has nice swim wear year round

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Costco has tons of baithing suits this time of year.. I typically bring four with me. Don’t over pack, take it from a pro here, you will only wear two dresses, don’t bring ten. One or two pairs of shorts, a pair of leggings. Five tank tops, one sweater and a pair of sweat pants. Don’t forget Benedry, tylenol, Tums, gravol and immodium. Sun screen and BUG SPRAY.

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