How long does it take to get back someone’s trust?

I feel like I have been forgiven, but it seems like my best friend is never going to trust me again. I have apologized to her countless times and she says she has forgave me, but things don’t feel the same. I want our old relationship back and I told her I’ll do anything to repair whatever is broken within it. This is really killing me, and I don’t fully get why things have to seem strained now.



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  1. heres some advice, dont fucking use people like objects and they wont have a reason to mistrust you… in their eyes youre probably an object now

  2. Trust is an eraser…. once used its gone

  3. Trust is like your virginity, once you’ve lost it you cannot get it back.

  4. Sex her in the tail pipe

  5. You suck and she doesn’t owe you trust or the friendship you once held.

  6. Gail Decaire Gail Decaire says:

    Depends on what you did Bro

  7. Rock Allen Rock Allen says:

    seems like your efforts are more about what you want and less about a genuine apology and reassuring your friend that you regret your actions and want to make it up to them!

    if your apology is genuine and your efforts are genuine, you definitely would not be concerned about a timeline or when you get your friend back….

    you’d consistently show integrity day and day out without question and not worry about what you want! like a real friend…..

  8. Depends what it was.. some people can forgive and forget, some can forgive and never forget, and some will never forgive. But even if you can forgive, it doesn’t mean they can necessarily trust again. I’ve have people break my trust, and I’ve forgiven them, but certain trust broken can’t be fixed..

  9. Trust me it’s not easy because I had a similar situation, I couldn’t trust a certain “friend” after she started bullying me, sure she tried to talk to me again but honestly I couldn’t trust her and she started lying to me so you know what I said? “Screw this, this is a toxic relationship” and I never talked to that “friend” again….

  10. What did you do to lose her trust? If you slept with her boyfriend, then you’re not a reslly good friend. If you stole her boyfriend, good luck ever getting your friendship back.

  11. Sometimes is it not possible…..accept your mistake…learn from it
    Move on

  12. Matt Frawley Matt Frawley says:

    Fucking it I. Dick.of this djky …I mother fucker UI

  13. You can’t. It really is that simple. When someone you love breaks your trust it’s never the same again because you always question their stance with you. Are they with you, are they going to hurt you, are they already doing it again.. this is kind of the burden you have to bear for your mistake. She doesn’t have to trust you she forgave you. Accept that as enough for now.

    • Matt Frawley Matt Frawley says:

      Stephanie Lamarche stop it

    • Matt Frawley what did I do this time?

    • Matt Frawley Matt Frawley says:

      Stephanie Lamarche fuckem I bdint cry

    • Matt Frawley i havent made it my goal yet.. usually don’t Like to make the people I like cry. It’s rather counter productive when i want to have a good time

    • Its all perspective. Some people have the capability to forgive, others don’t. The situation isnt black and white.

    • Danii Cecchini again you don’t know the difference between forgiveness and trust. Dictionaries help with that. Good luck

    • Stephanie Lamarche It takes alot more than dictionaries to understand and comprehend the funtions of human behavior. Alot of people will say that forgive someone, but to forgive is to let go of grudges. If you can’t trust someone, means you are still holding resentment, meaning you havent TRULY forgiven them. Brushing up your knowledge with some psychology and human behaviour courses might do you some good 😉

    • It isn’t simple, and this question varies from person to person because not all humans behave or think the same. Its a very complex question and cannot be boiled down to a simple answer like yours.

    • It sounds like you are holding alot of resentment against someone, and your personal experiences are leading you to a very bias solution to a not so simple question.

    • Holy fuck you are one stuned stupid fucken idiot. No one is asking you to understand how basic humans work. Youre told to understand the difference between two words that have two different meanings which yes a fucking dictionary will help with

    • Are you seriously trying to call me the dense one? This OP is trying to get some insight on her friends behaviour. She never asked for the different meanings of trust and forgiveness. Infact NO ONE asked for the definition, her friends behaviour can’t be chalked down to a SIMPLE dictionary definition. Stop acting so tough you simple minded bitch.

    • Danii Cecchini yes I am because you arnt even answering them right. They don’t need the forgiveness they got it or did you not read that.. this is why they need to know about trust. They asked about trust. Answer about fucking trust. If you do not know the difference between the two and expect a useless answer to help them by all means proceed with your useless bantering but I really do not have any patience for your level of stupid today

    • Stephanie Lamarche You really are fucken clueless arent you. Smdh, FIRST you’re trying to oversimplify a situation that you dont have enough information about. You dont even know what caused the break of trust, and the need for forgiveness. Second of all, as I have previously stated, someone can SAY they forgive someone, but not SHOW forgiveness. Obviously the friend hasnt FULLY forgiven her if the trust between them is questionable. I see you comment on these posts all the time, and frankly you come off as a simple minded basic bitch. Its not either this or that, the world isnt black and white. There are alot of grey areas inbetween, and in this particular situation; human behaviours play a HUGE part in determining whether forgiveness has actually been granted or if she was just told that. You obviously have had your trust broken by someone in the past and your experiences are projecting in your opinion. Its pretty crystal clear that whatever affected you in the past has dampened your ability to make a rational thought.

  14. Rara Paul Rara Paul says:

    Trust is earned. You earned her trust once, time to put in the work again.

  15. Bill Fox Bill Fox says:

    She will forgive, but she will never forget

  16. Joe Brad Joe Brad says:

    fuck someone else thats how your get over your old shit lol

  17. Joe Brad Joe Brad says:

    lol never will be the same trust me

  18. To feel the forgiveness and work with it you can’t expect things to be the same as they were, because they won’t be. You don’t get to erase the past. Humility is important.. gotta own that shit, move forward with her if she’s letting you, and work hard on building a future that outweighs the past.. i think anyway

  19. It feels different even when your friends says she forgives you …well u feel odd becouse you haven’t forgiven yourself !

  20. Shawn says:

    You can never uncut a rope.

  21. Elizabeth says:

    Chances are you are over thinking things and are just feeling guilty from whatever you believe cause this rift. Give her space and time. Don’t be over bearing.

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