How do Men get better at online dating.

I use to be a very attractive man in my teens-late twenty’s. Now the years have not been so kind to me as I have gained some weight (Around 79 pounds but I lost 50 of it) and some grey hair. I’m in early thirties. I want to date short term (Not only hook up but have shorter relationships with no plans to move in together, or get married etc)

Yet I can’t even get to the dating stage via online.

I get tons of matches but after messaging once I either don’t hear back or get little interest in return.

I’m not a creep in my messages. I try be funny playful interesting reference their profile to show I read it etc. I don’t ask to bang or show random dic pics and I’m not socially awkward as I know how to talk to women as I have had relationships in the past etc

So what’s going on?

I read many articles on online and they said unless guys look like a model they basically have no chance especially in small towns cause the dating pool is much smaller. I also seen dating experiments were women get 100-1000 of matches a day. If this is true, my oath I don’t know how to beat those odds.

I’d meet people in person but with the current political social and viral condition the planet is in other than bars in clubs I think that is a relic of the past. Plus I don’t the time to do that like I didn’t in my late teens and twenties.

So any men out there experience this same thing too?

And women are the articles I’m reading and experiments I’m seeing true and if so how does one stand out in online dating?



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  1. annonono says:

    you dont stand out its impossible and its not because you arent a model its because online dating is for fools…dont be a fool and keep your cool, time and patience my dude

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