How can I be sure my car is going to start?

-40+ this morning and my car wouldn’t start. I don’t have a block heater so my car has no extra insurance it may start on cold days. Either it will or it won’t . It’s a gamble. Other than an in-line heater is there anything else I can do?



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  1. Light a fire under the oil pan.

  2. i used to have a warm extra battery fully charged and ready to go,

  3. Purchase a booster pack.
    Problem solved.

  4. cover your battery with a blanket or buy a battery sleeve

  5. Because the engine would still be exposed to the cold on the bottom, the quilt would have to be completely wrapped around it to somewhat help. In a garage is different, the entire vehicle is protected from the cold, even an unheated garage, there will be a temp difference plus no wind chill effect. With your quilt idea, go outside and put the quilt on top of your head, not down around you, but just the top of your head, and you tell me how much it helps keep you warm out there this morning…

  6. Alex Wunsch Alex Wunsch says:

    Get a battery with the highest CCA (cold cranking amps) you can for your vehicle.

  7. Marc Verdon Marc Verdon says:

    All you need is a new battery that’s all.

  8. Mike Reid Mike Reid says:

    Some kinda block heater and a battery blanket…

  9. Dennis Lopez Dennis Lopez says:

    Even with a new battery if the engine is too cold it won’t start. Keep running it every 2 to 3 hours till warm and repeat. Its either u need a boost or take the time to keep your car warm enough to start.

  10. Andrea Major Andrea Major says:

    New battery and don’t park facing the wind?

  11. Build a heated garage for your car

  12. Bring your battery in over night. Pain in the ass but it could help. Not a guarantee

  13. Daniel Dube Daniel Dube says:

    Put a lamp under the oil pan with the light as close to the pan as possible. If you’re really worried. Bring the battery in the house for the night

  14. Dave Lacasse Dave Lacasse says:

    Go out every 2-3 hours and start it.

  15. Crappy tire sells a magnetic oil pan heater

  16. Jason Morehouse I think it helped why not if your car is in the garage it’s starts well whatever

  17. You do realize that quilt did absolutely nothing right?

  18. Talk dirty to it. It’ll turn on every time

  19. Costco has been selling batteries like crazy this past 2 weeks.. lol

  20. Luc Rioux Luc Rioux says:

    instal a pig …..wish is item you buy that hook to water hose from rad and when at home you plug it in just like a block heater but better and it keep the engine water heated to 180 degrees and when you start you re car in morning it already warm don t need to warm up car in morning works like a charm never will the car not start after that best thing for cold weather area …..

  21. Gail Decaire Gail Decaire says:

    You can get a block heater installed anywhere from $110 – $150 plus taxes.

  22. Park it out of the wind or get a magnetic block heater and stick it to the oil pan

  23. Get a new battery 150 bucks do it your self in 30minutes. I Did it last year with hubby in -50 weather. As soon we changed that battery, didn’t have a problem since.

  24. Lee Baxter Lee Baxter says:

    It’s weird seeing “-40+” and understanding what that means. :S

  25. Start the battery of the vehicle so your radio and your fuel pump in all that come on then put the vehicle in neutral and then turn the engine over don’t drive for at least 10 minutes or till your vehicle warms up

  26. I don’t have a block heater and can’t install a remote start as it will void my warranty……..with fingers crossed every day she starts for me…………some more sluggish than others

  27. So many amateur and uneducated responses. W
    Either get a block heater installed. It warms up all major fluids. If not, a transport inline circulating heater. 165$ at transport dealerships. But thwy can only be pluggeg in for 5 min in minus 40. Any more than 5 min and damage may happen.

  28. A gas engine should always start with a good battery, if not you have an issue. Otherwise something to keep a small charge or warmth for the battery

  29. Jim McEwen Jim McEwen says:

    alder automotive installs block heaters and new batteries with warranty

  30. Get yourself a new battery (I have an Eliminator), and get your vehicle winterized when you go for your oil change. I run synthetic in the winter and regular in the summer. I can’t plug my car in as it not equipped with a plug cord, but I winterize every year (had the car for almost 6 years now) and she starts like a charm every time

  31. Inline coolant heater, that’s what I put on my vw that doesn’t have frost plugs. It’ll melt the snow off the hood of your car lol

  32. My husband uses an external magnetic block heater for his truck.

  33. New battery but biggest help is synthetic oil. Will start just like summer. Will cost you around a hundred bucks for oil change but lasts longer than regular oil. So it pays for itself.

  34. My first jeep I had didn’t have one, I would wake up every 3 to 4 hours and start it up for a few minutes.

  35. Get a bra for the front of your car

  36. Horey Colder Horey Colder says:

    Check you’re not low on blinker fluid

  37. I heard ether works great for gasoline engines 🙂

  38. Arthur Blain Arthur Blain says:

    Bring your battery into the house. That’s what we do at camp before

  39. marc says:

    There are magnetic oil pan heaters you can buy Canadian Tire or parts stores

  40. Buy a ‘microstart xp-10’ booster pack. Will save you

  41. Bring it to the dealer and get a block heater

  42. A booster pack is a must in these temps.
    Worst case bring your battery inside at night so it dont freeze.

  43. Eric Caron Eric Caron says:

    You can buy battery blankets that plug in

  44. Rita Bouthillier-Lavoie cool that it worked!

  45. I have to boost one of mine when it’s below -30. I have one of those mastercraft ones on wheels from cnd tire. I need a new battery but I’ve only needed to use it 3 times this winter so far.

  46. Leave it idle till you need it in the morning lol

  47. Drake White Drake White says:

    breath on it very quickly 😛

  48. A battery blanket. Or a new battery that has a cold start.

  49. Block heaters do nothing for dead batteries

  50. Erica Young Erica Young says:

    Try buying a heated dipstick.

  51. Take the transit to work like I did on the 3 days my car wouldn’t start.

  52. Fire under oil pan or buy a blockheater

  53. Shawn says:

    Change your oil to 100% synthetic. I never plug in my car and it always starts.

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