How can I be only addicted to Blackjack?

I’ve been betting on sports for about 5-6 years now and the biggest amounts of my wagers are in the 2.50 to 5$ range and to be honest, I know my sports pretty well that I’m positive I’m ahead so far in just sports gambling but BLACKJACK!!! 🙁

Back in 2017 I came into an inheritance and I was in denial and lied to family and friends about where the money went but I’m sure I lost between 7500 of maybe 6-8 months so I called all my betting sites and had the casino part disabled it wasn’t slots I never touch those and never play poker maybe a tiny bit of roulette but I use the martingale strategy which in casinos would probably work out well more times than not but on those sites when they figure you’ve won enough they just invent aces and face cards that shouldn’t even still be in the deck. I’ve played single deck BJ and I’m good in math so I can somewhat count cards and those are rigged to just flush you out so I was doing well until lately I decided I think I’m ok now and re-enabled the casino on my sites for a while I was winning and saying wow I’m ok now I just win 25-40 bucks at a time only play 3-4 times a day and even when I do lose a bit I was able to stop and just say I’ll make it back later or I’m still ahead with what I’ve won so far until the last week especially the last 2 days I’ve just maxed out 2 credit cards for a total of 7750 and 5500 of that is in the last 36 hours. I have about 16000 of RRSP that I’m getting moved from my bank to Questrade so I’ll have no choice but to use half of them to clear my cards but after that I might give my cards to someone I trust like parents or friend until I get this blackjack addiction under control. I’d love to go to meetings but I’m not sure if they have any in Sudbury but right now I’m just shaking and can’t believe I went and did that and on top of that I’m unemployed on CPP disability so the income is not the best.

Anyways thanks for reading to those who did and I feel like I’ve let my common law gf down because now our credit cards are maxed out again after we had gotten help from our parents to pay them off and we will still owe that to them someday on top of that. Oh man what have I done? I just don’t understand how the addiction is only to one game though usually a gambling addict will go overboard with everything.

Is there anybody else that has a similar problem? I need help so badly. 🙁