Housing Market

The housing market as we all know has sky rocketed since the pandemic hit. Those from other cities, contractors and especially real estate agents are buying and out bidding locals for what were deemed reasonably priced houses.

Houses that have hit the market nearly x4 the amount they are worth and even worse is knowing that some real estate agents are “flipping” houses with cheap cover up renos to make mega profit, increasing property taxes in lower costing areas, and still not making houses affordable for people, who are working in Sudbury, from Sudbury, who have grown up here and are contributing members of society.

I just want to buy a house that is actually worth its price, not have to go through a bidding war, and live somewhere I feel safe. Not the Flour Mill or the Donovan or West End. Oh wait.
Houses in the Flour Mill / Donovan are going to close and over 200K when four years ago they were barely 100K
Don’t even get me started on modular homes that are now going for over 200K as well.

Real Estate agents, contractors and those from other cities shouldn’t get first dibs on our housing market. Just my opinion, but don’t worry I know a great handful of you will tell me my opinion doesn’t matter. Trust me, I know it doesn’t.

Single parents, how are you able to afford 400K homes? Interest rates are low but not that low.
First time home buyers? Got 50 to 80 grand saved up even with first time home buyers incentive?
Apartment prices are a joke here. Doesn’t help with slum lords and people who can’t live properly in someone else’s property; causing prices to jump. I’m actually surprised we don’t have a higher homeless population with what is happening in Sudbury.

Thanks for your time if you’ve made it this far.
Are you as frustrated as I am?



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am a homeowner and I feel your pain. I was able to save up and buy a house, took 2 incomes and saving up for 10 years to come up with a down payment. And I bought before the housing market is what it is now. All this inflation even makes maintaining a home pricier than ever. A job that used to cost 250-300 bucks a decade ago now will run you 1000$ easy. Repairs that cost 25 grand are now up to 100 grand. The inflation is killing everything. So glad our country is at 40 million and climbing though (sarcasm). Really helps out canadians who are born here (again sarcasm). This house probably cost 50 grand brand new in the 60s, now a building permit alone is 15 grand. Fuck sakes. Need jobs that pay 80-90 an hour just to keep up. Most houses you will look at are polished up turds, the real estate agents even hire photographers to photoshop the pictures to make the house look nicer than it actually is. Even home inspections do not see everything and many of us are discovering we bought a money pit hardly fit to live in.