Hot sauce

I’m new to town and a big hot sauce fanatic. Problem is I have no idea where to find something decent, and all the grocery stores here have nothing worth looking at. Is there any kind of local joint that something spicier than Tabasco?



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  1. Lisa Dunbar Lisa Dunbar says:

    The jerk house on Notre Dame carries ghost pepper sauce if that’s not enough!

  2. Make your own and the internet

  3. I was given a package of 10 or so different hot sauces. Apparently came from winners. There was quite a few really good ones in it. I forgot where i got my daves insanity sauce. That by far was the most hot ive had aside from an imported illegal carolina reaper pepper sauce. Had to wear gloves

  4. Jeff g says:

    Green Earth or sometime’s Lowe’s, I have picked up Blair’s Mega Death sauce there, its insanely hot and will burn a hole in your intestines.

  5. Green earth gets Blair’s, satan’s blood and a few others.

  6. Green Earth in the mall has Blair’s Mega Death and Da Bomb in the store. I recommend the first for heat, and the second for flavour/solid heat

  7. Mike Stevens Mike Stevens says:

    I beileve Regency Bakery sells a variety of Marie Sharps hot sauces and they have some unique combinations

  8. Not a “hot sauce” but superstore sells a awesome habanero BBQ sauce.

  9. James Heald James Heald says:

    Four corners independent has ghost pepper sauce but its like 14$ but very good and super spicey

  10. Mykal Poirier, any more mayhem up here somewhere?

  11. Green Earth in the mall. It comes in a wooden out house lol

  12. Just look in the ethnic food aisle at Food Basic, in the Caribbean section you’ll find scotch bonnet hot sauce

  13. Oksana Holly Oksana Holly says:

    Areeda Mohammed Fuller

  14. Lianne Gee Lianne Gee says:

    Green earth in the mall has a whole wall of them!

  15. Marshalls and winners have interesting spices and flavour shakers you can check them out

  16. Tucos has El Yucateco from Mexico

  17. That nature’s store in the mall has lots of the hotter ones

  18. Eric Rivet Eric Rivet says:

    Green earth used to have some hot stuff. Order online.

  19. Maybe try tarinis? I dont know for sure but seems they would have that sort of thing

  20. Chase Neveau Chase Neveau says:

    Check Tucos Tacos on Kathleen Street, they might sell some.

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