Hospital Parking for Workers

Does anyone know if I bought a year membership for Science North, if I could park there to go to work at HSN 4 days per week?

The website for Science North says it’s free parking for members. Just wondering if anyone has tried this before?



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  1. sudbury sucks–rather be dead than to live there

  2. Think if all the hospital workers did that than there would be no parking at science north don’t be so inconsiderate

  3. No, it cannot be used for parking if you leave the Science North property, they have someone looking our for this, you get ticketed.

  4. People do this all the time

  5. Brianna Rahn Brianna Rahn says:

    Are you supposed to do it – Probably not .

    Can you – Yes .

    I’ve done it , nothing had happened .
    I used to do Co-Op there for high school.

    Also on multiple occasions I have also left my vehicle there over night. October fest , July first , concerts , festivals ect.

    Should be fine

  6. Shana Marie Shana Marie says:

    Guess the cancer patients that can’t afford the parking for their treatments will lose out because of this OP

  7. Andrea Belanger wow!!!! I’m a nurse at north bay hospital! I pay 0.36 an hour for parking.

  8. Dont see why not if ur a member how could they stop u

    • Preston Ruttan you can only access free parking as a member when yo are actually visiting the Science North facilities. The parking lit is designated for Science Nirth customers only. You are only a custoner/member when using the facility.

    • Sheila McKillop how could they prove u were not still using SN grounds not like they have Pis followings people around

    • Sheila McKillop your a member when you have a membership… And it doesn’t say anything about Haveing to be there for free parking. Check the site :)unless they have signs or change the rules them op will get away with it no issue

  9. Figure out the yearly cost of parking then figure out what you need from the hospital in “service awards” like toilet paper and such…even things out

  10. Park in the parking lot across from Bell Park and walk the boardwalk to work. I see people doing it all the time. Or get a bus pass and take the bus to work

  11. Bobbie-Lee B Bobbie-Lee B says:

    It costs 1000$ a year for staff to park at the hospital!

  12. Joel Caron Joel Caron says:

    Its a 5 min walk but park at the James Jerome sports complex and don’t spend a dime.

  13. wait… why doesn’t the hospital have free staff parking?

  14. Andrea Cram Andrea Cram says:

    I have done it once. I didn’t see any sign stating you can’t. A lot of ppl use it to walk along the board walk too. Usually pretty empty during the week. I can see it being frustrating too as I was annoyed when I had to go there 2x a week for apts. Its dumb that you can’t park anywhere around a hospital and walk up.

  15. Now that this is on shoutout Sudbury, you can bet they will be watching closer.. and anyone who has done this, will now get caught, and not be very happy.. :/

  16. No you cannot. Better off working out a carpool with someone, than you can split the parking fee for the year.

  17. Anne Savard Anne Savard says:

    You can’t do it. My daughter used to work there and you will be ticketed

  18. That’s actually a great idea. I would think that youd be allowed.

  19. There is a big white bus that transports hospital staff from the old hospital to HSN… Atleast that’s where they were picked up before. May be a different location now, I’m not sure.

  20. Nvmnd for the ones who want to park & actually USE Science North lol. Do you not have free/discounted parking across from the old hospital?!

  21. Don’t hospital workers already get free parking? Or do they pay for their pass cards?

  22. I bet a bunch of people are just fuming that you brought attention to that SECRET lol

  23. Mary says:

    Please do not do this. Families travel from all over as well as within sudbury to support this wonderful establishment. Low income families visit as an outing for their families with what little funds they have. Do not burden a wonderful non-profit sudbury organization which brings business to our city by filling up their parking.

  24. Lianne Gee Lianne Gee says:

    I’ve seen them issue tickets for that: they watch and see if you leave the property I think.

  25. Doesn’t the ticket have an expiry date on it?

  26. Question are free!!! It’s actually not a bad idea but…. If to many of you guys or girls at hospital start doing this then science north could aventually run out of parking. Your probably best to park where you work!!

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