I got a tattoo done a month ago at Badlands. I live in timmins but was in Sudbury to go to bridal stores.

Me and my bridesmaids decided to go get a tattoo. We walked in the first tattoo shop we seen. Seemed like a decent place.

They gave me the worse tattoo I’ve ever seen! When trying to contact the owner to fix this he ignored me for days on end.

Finally was able to get a hold of him and he agreed to fix it when ever I was in the area. Fair enough right ? When I went to call them to let them know I was going to be in the area he refused to fix it.



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  1. Joel Marin can fix that. He does very good work

  2. ThAt is NOT a tattoo from Badlands Tattoo Co

    This is … and even so it’s 5 years old.

  3. Van Cart Van Cart says:

    Hey let’s get a tattoo at this random place hammed up then go eat McDonald’s and soak in the hot tub!! Woohooo

  4. If you keep scrubbing the rest will come off….. try putting a hot face cloth on it for a bit then scrub… that’s how I get all my daughters tattoos off from the dollarstore

  5. Save yourself time and stress… see if Sean-Paul Michael Falldien has any availability… would recommend booking far in advance this guy is 10 out of 10… literally impossible to be disappointed by his work, considering he doesn’t settle for anything less than perfect.

  6. Adam Lund Adam Lund says:

    Lol I call BS. All my tats from badlands are very well done and I’ll continue to go back and see Adam.

  7. Nadia Leroux Nadia Leroux says:

    I have a tattoo that was done almost 10 years ago and a few months later it looked like I’ve had it for YEARS!
    Sometimes you try a recommendation because you hear how amazing they are but some tattoo artists if it’s not a big piece or if they “think” you wont go back they will give you a shit job.

    I got 2 tattoos done here in town – 1 looks like I’ve had it for a few decades and the other ones line aren’t connecting and the colour he put on faded within the first month.

  8. Who exactly did the tattoo? I’ve had work done there before and it’s in pristine condition even after 2 years.

  9. S.d. Lindsay S.d. Lindsay says:

    Do not go back there….

  10. That is an aftercare issue, which is what I am sure the owner told you. Guessing you kept your hair up in the sun for the rest of the summer?

  11. Shawn Oliver Shawn Oliver says:

    Didnt know my 5 year old did tatoos

  12. Definitely not a Badlands tat… This chick is not being truthful. Sad to see her try and bash great people.

  13. Lindsay Ann Lindsay Ann says:

    I dont know much about the OP’s post being 100% truthful of not, but to everyone saying new tattoos dont look like that, a local artist did a tattoo for me, poorly done unfortunately, and once it healed I promise you it looked like I had it for 20 years. I went to a different artist at another studio to cover it and he did an outstanding job! 2 and a half years later and colors are still vibrant.

  14. This looks nothing like any of the artists work from badlands. It also looks like the client did not take care of the tattoo during the healing process.

  15. Don Guay Don Guay says:

    You could all ware turtle necks at the wedding

  16. Ashton Anne Ashton Anne says:

    My question is how intoxicated where you when you received this tattoo? Alcohol in the system thins out the blood, and when mixed with tattoo ink thins the ink too much and causes the resulting color to appear faded or translucent and ‘washed out’. Sorry to say that’s how your tattoo looks like.

  17. It honestly looks like you did not care for it properly.

  18. Brenda Lynn Brenda Lynn says:

    Research your artist.
    But this is an easy cover up !

  19. never even heard of that place and its deff bad

  20. First of all, that tattoo isn’t even close to being a month old. I think you got a basement tattoo (which you didn’t take care of) from someone years ago (maybe even 10-12 months ago) and are now trying to bring down someone else’s name in order to potentially get a free fix. Idiot. I can also guarantee that this did not happen at Badlands, tattoo artists definitely do bad tattoos every once in a while, but, not like this. If you believe that this is seriously from badlands you’re an actual idiot.

  21. Wanda Crites Wanda Crites says:

    We have so many amazing tattooists here. Sorry to hear you got such horrible work done.

  22. It’s bad ink. It happened to me a few years ago. The black faded away and looked like a light grey. The artist redid it and told me he had bought a different brand of ink.

  23. JC Wilson JC Wilson says:

    Are you sure that’s a month old tattoo? Not trying to be rude but it looks pretty old. Maybe your skin doesnt take well to the color. I have some non professional tattoos and they dont look like that.

  24. Sometimes a good artist does bad tattoos it happens , I’ve had this happen with a well known guy and people shit on me for being pissed off well it’s permanently on my body so if this is the case with this woman she does have the right to be pissed but if she’s making shit up then shame on her

  25. I’ve had a shitty tattoo done by an artist that was highly recommended, however it still healed properly, it was just poorly done. This looks like you picked the scabs (which is a big no) and didn’t take care of it. That’s on you.

  26. I call bullshit bc I have a half finished tattoo from there by the owner and it’s awesomeness it’s only unfinished bc of funds getting pregnant and moving but I will get it finished one day lol

  27. I wanna see all the bridemaids tattoo’s and if theirs look decent, you done fucked up on your part

  28. Next time get promises in writing. Find someone else.

  29. Jay Brunette Jay Brunette says:

    Did you get that done in prison ?

  30. Did this really happen or does OP just want to bash Badlands?

  31. If you would of went to 5 city it would be 10 times better.

  32. Ummm just to be clear about this….

    You chose to go in to get a tattoo…. it was shitty…

    You decided to pay on the spot without complaining..

    Now you want it fixed?

    I claim buyers remorse… otherwise youd have bitched in the spot for something so permanent on your body like a tattoo

  33. wow looks awesome lmfao

  34. Amy Dee Amy Dee says:

    If that’s a new tattoo, you didn’t take care of it or they used shitty ink. If someone did that to me, I wouldn’t let them touch me with a needle again. On the plus side, it would be easy to cover. In the future I suggest researching a tattoo artist before you let them tattoo you.

  35. Liza Kokko Liza Kokko says:

    Don’t think so. I have had several tattoos done at Badlands by the owner and the other artists at his shop and they are amazing. This one of them

  36. That is not a month old tattoo, 10 years maybe. Nice try though.

  37. You can tell that isn’t even close to a new tattoo..

  38. There’s no way this came from badlands. And if anyone wants to believe, crock of shit.

  39. Denis Prevost fix this lmao

  40. Kris Parnell Kris Parnell says:

    Of all the pieces I’ve seen come out of there this looks nothing like their work o.O

  41. Pete Dunlop Pete Dunlop says:

    Any tat shop that doesn’t have a waiting list isen’t worth having a tat done in .I learnt the hard way to by a shop in Sudbury called “Tato’s by spider ” This was over 20 yrs ago and what a mess ,lol.

  42. Wow. Thanks for the heads up

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