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Homeless. I have no solution or suggestions. What you can do to help out a little, if you go to Walmart you can grab a pack of 20 pairs of men’s socks for ten bucks. Underwear is pretty cheap too. Next time you are shopping, grab a pack or two. Dry socks and underwear are always in demand and they are cheap. Drop them off at one of the organizations that help the homeless or just drop a pack off to someone you pass on the street.

No matter how bad things are, most of you can spare ten bucks.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    4 narcan kits costs $1200+ and is only a temporary solution, I can build a guillotine for half that. All we would need to do is set it up downtown with a lever they can pull themselves, market it as the last high they will ever need. Same end result but one method will save taxpayers and society money and heartache.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah sure give new socks to the fuckhead that breaks into every car and hustles every old lady for money. Or to the loser that leers at you at the stop light holding a bullshit sign “my dog is named odin”, to the guillotines with them all. Tired of being played by these people tugging at heart strings when all they need to do is get clean and pick themselves up by the bootstraps. Everywhere is hurting for workers but don’t want to hire bums that will steal from them or their coworkers. Time for sudbury to bring back capital punishment and to take a tough stand on drugs, thieves, and scammers. We are not a sanctuary city time to make some real changes. 7 billion people on earth and counting, time to cull the wastes of life and resources.