Home video from when I was a baby

So when I was younger I use to live in rumball . And when we were getting ready to move out of there my mom ask someone who she thought was a friend hold of to a big box of vhs .

Long story short she sold all my moms vhs movies and one of them were my home video of when I was a baby . I know it’s a long long shot . But I was hoping since Christmas is around the corner someone who bought it would leave a message my name is Stephanie . I use to live in rumball and I’m looking for a Xmas miracle to find this tape .

It’s the only tape I have of growing up.



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  1. Dennis Lopez Dennis Lopez says:

    Best of luck on finding that tape

  2. Best of luck ! Sad that someone would do not return it when they realized what it was.

  3. We moved in to rumball when I was a baby I’ll be 30 next year , I think I was around 10 when we moved out of there .

  4. Hope you have your Christmas miracle.

  5. How long ago? Approx. what year did you move out?

  6. I thought I had a friend too, she ravaged thru all my things and sold most of it for drugs n kept my clothes. L left my X and we had no where to go- she said I could bring my things there and I went to live with a family member. I asked for my things and she kept giving excuses or was leaving. Her 2 boys also went thru my stuff with there friends. Thanks Chilot for that. My only baby photos with grandparents, etc that are in no way replaceable, gone 🙁 I hope you get your miracle ♡

  7. Sad if it was years ago that they move if you found it I would be amazed

  8. Kat Lyyli Kat Lyyli says:

    I feel this…. when we moved out of a place we were living as a kid we had a week to get all our stuff. Went back for the rest and the landlord brought everything to the dump. All my childhood videos and photos gone. It hurts a lot and I hope you find what you’re looking for.

  9. Very vague what year was it u lived there

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