I am 8 years old and I live on Cote Blvd. in Hanmer. People think Cote Blvd is a race track.

Yesterday my little dog (Suzie) was hit by a car and killed instantly. The driver did not stop, just kept going. There was a lady coming in the opposite direction and saw it happen. She stopped and came to the house to tell my daddy and Pepere that my dog was hit and laying in the middle of the door. This kind lady told us that she did not suffer and died instantly. I do not her name, but I want to say a BIG THANK YOU for taking the time to stop and coming to tell us.

My mommy and daddy came to get me at school so I could say goodbye to my Suzie. She was my best friend. She protected me, I gave her lots of hugs and she slept on my bed with me. She loved going for car rides. I am glad I said goodbye to Suzie and she is in heaven with my big sister. My memere went and bought two little angels that we put on her grave so that she would not be alone.

To the person that killed my Suzie, she was not just a dog, she was my furbaby and you broke my heart and all my families.

We all love you and miss you Suzie.



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  1. Taylor Berks says:

    I am so sorry for the both of you ❤ I can only imagine the pain that you two are going through and I hope that whoever hit her gets their karma.

  2. I’m so sorry you had to go threw this..may your little Suzie Rest in peace and may you have comfort of knowing that she will live in your heart

  3. Damn..dust in my eyes again..
    That’s awful. Hope she finds a new friend.
    Take care.

  4. I’m balling so sorry for your loss sweety hugs to you and your family

  5. Sorry to hear lil one, lots of other doggies for her to play with on the rainbow road.

  6. Helen Boland says:

    So sad for you and your family and your sweet dog. RiP

  7. Keep dogs safely contained on your own property

  8. All the people out here are in a rush for no reason worst drivers in the area come from the valley and hanmer

  9. Sorry for you loss little one

  10. Eric Rivet says:

    Man… some of the comments on here. Proof that there’s pieces of human garbage everywhere.

  11. Maybe don’t be a fucktard and train your dogs, sit, stay…it aint that complicated.

  12. This is sad, a fur baby is always family. This little girl is heart broken and no matter who wrote the post it comes from the heart of the whole family as I’m sure their all saddened by this occurrence.. if the family sees this post please private message me as I would love to surprise your daughter for Christmas…. a beautiful donation I’d love to make if your in agreement

  13. Nick Kennedy says:

    My fucking head hurts. People are fuckjg animals

  14. James Nash says:

    Great puntuation and grammar from the 8 year old. Could have just put a msg from the parents instead….

  15. So sad, lost many pets on Cote!

  16. My God you people who are commenting about an eight year old writing this post are unbelievable!!

    I knew right away the parent wrote it on behalf of the child but who the hell cares??
    It’s about the loss of her dog and she obviously told her parent how she felt.

    Like holy shit! If the eight year old had written it you all would be slamming her about her grammar and spelling !
    Get a life!

  17. LMAO, this ain’t an 8-year-old who wrote this. It’s a parent and making it sound like your the 8-year-old. This is not the first time I hear a pet getting run over. I’m sure the driver didn’t intentionally kill your dog. Maybe the driver wanted to tell you but didn’t know which house to go too. Like most people who run over an animal they just kept driving. This isn’t to be insensitive but when you think about it, it happens a lot

  18. Delmo Gotti says:

    I’m devastated for you So sorry for your loss

  19. I am sorry for ur loss my heart goes to the whole family rip suzie

  20. Arthur Blain says:

    So sorry for your loss.

  21. My heart goes out to you, sweetie. How cruel to drive away and,, yes,THANK YOU to the gentle soul that took the time to inform you of what happened. I know you are hurting, as an animal lover myself, I know the pain. I won’t say, it will get easier, but, say to you, keep your head up, I wish you the only best in life as you are deserving of so..

  22. It really sucks either way – the family accidentally had their dog on a road and someone accidentally hit the dog… no one is happy or did this on purpose… even assuming the person who hit the dog noticed, they may have panicked and kept driving but 99% of people would still feel like absolute crap because no one wants to kill a dog.If they stopped to tell you they killed your dog and said sorry, it wouldn’t make you feel any better and would suck equally as much…

  23. Nick Beland says:

    So many stupid comments, the only reason I would stop and look for the owner is so I could ask them to cover costs of damages and cleaning of my vehicle. I have a dog and he’s treated like family but under the laws of the real world he is property that I am fully liable and responsible for. Don’t put your lack of responsibility onto the driver who was unlucky enough to have hit the dog.

  24. This is the most articulate 8 year old I’ve ever seen

  25. That is so sad. Hope someone took the driver’s license down and reports him and the get charged. Deepest sympathies to you and your family

  26. May be mommy and Daddy should learn to walk their next dog on a leash. Sorry Suzie died because of stupidity.

  27. Scott Seguin says:

    So I hate to play The Devil’s advocate here but… the vehicle is in no way shape or form responsible for this because it was doing what it was intended to do which is drive along the roadway not expecting animals to just pop up in the middle of it… the dog is unfortunately too stupid to know that the middle of the road is a dangerous place and that’s why it has owners to protect it… it’s the owner’s responsibility to keep that dog off the roadways and keep it safe… So what I want to know right now is since half of the internet is ripping that guy’s head off for tugging on his dog… Why is nobody ripping this family apart for not keeping their dog in the house and keeping it safe. Hmmmmm

  28. this brought real tears… sending love

  29. Donna Munro says:

    My god people are assholes. I’m sorry you lost your furbaby. The majority of us feel awful for you. Ignore the rest and their awful comments.

  30. Obviously a parent wrote the childs thoughts… 8 year olds dont use facebook.. that doesn’t take away from the fact that the child lost his family pet. People are ridiculous.

  31. I’m so sorry for your loss little one. ❤️

  32. Oh my this is very sad. I’m sorry for your loss little man.

  33. This is not a lesson on how to take care of a dog. It is a sad story about losing a family pet. Keep your smartass comments to yourselves.

  34. Clearly not written by an 8 year old.

  35. This same thing happened on bloor last year ,car was speeding and killed a little girls dog they don’t bother to slow down or stop

  36. Scott Seguin says:

    Keep your stupid animal in the yard on the leash. It doesn’t belong in the middle of the road. You got nobody to blame but your parents because you’re eight so really it’s their responsibility. Whoever hit the dog you did the smart thing, because these stupid animal lovers would tear you apart for absolutely nothing.

  37. Thats really awesome spelling and grammer for an 8 year old. Gezzzzz

  38. The person who hit this little dog should be accountable

  39. This is so sad. They aren’t just dog or just fur baby’s they are apart of the family. My heart goes out to this little boy and his family

  40. Sorry for your loss. But really on the a road that busy suzie should have been tied

  41. I LOVE dogs! Guess where dogs are not supposed to be? On the road!

  42. Susan Boese says:

    Love you kiddo, I’m sorry about Suzie sweety ❤️!

  43. Lisa Tarini says:

    Sorry for your loss <3 Your dog should not have been running loose on the road. If you had your dog leashed this would not have happened.

  44. Deborah Robb says:

    Oh dear! Hugs to everyone!
    So sorry for your loss.
    Hope they find this person without a heart that left someones family member on the street…

  45. So sorry for your loss xoxox

  46. You mean 8 year old genius with better spelling and grammar skills than most of Sudbury!

  47. Oh my dear friend. Keep your memories of your baby Suzie. We are all so sorry. Hugs to you. People drive too fast.

  48. My heart aches for you and your family. Sorry for your loss.

  49. So first thing u decided to do was go on shout-out Sudbury? Lmao. I highly doubt a 8 year old wrote this.

  50. Jean Young says:

    honey, I am so sorry about your fur baby. Yes she is in heaven and will watch over you forever. And yes, to the person who hit her and left, I hope you see this and the heartache you left in the aftermath.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Sorry for your loss..your sister must have needed a little companion in Heaven.