High life vs Canna Cabana

It’s crazy the difference between the two dispensary’s here in Sudbury.

I live in the south end and would rather travel across town to high life than go to Canna Cabana.

The customer service at highlife is absolutely tremendous, they’re welcoming, they’re very knowledgeable with the product and they overall vibe is great. They’d rather take the time and help you, instead of rushing you and taking your money like canna does. High life is way better, they give you a chance to look at the product and smell it, where at canna you can’t look at anything.

Plus at high life you don’t have to line up to get in.



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  1. says:

    Can you please send me a product and price list?

  2. Take the ride to Rockys past Capreol and visit Creator’s Choice. That is a place worth visiting if you want good service and a nice product. Better prices too. High Life is ok but way overpriced.

  3. Dave Pilon Dave Pilon says:

    You’re allowed 4 plants per household, doesn’t matter if you have 20 cousins living with you, 4 plants can supply you with enough weed for a year, if it doesnt I wa na be your friend….

  4. Lance Myke Lance Myke says:

    Or you know hit up any other dispensery and get way better grass and choice.

  5. Ibel Dabbin Ibel Dabbin says:

    Medi Shak in Henvey Inlet south of sudbury is worth the drive. F@#% LP cannabis. Caught with banned pesticides, mold, and radiated product. No thanks.

  6. Can you imagine… Google is EVEN MORE HELPFUL at strain research, and the rest of the internet sells those strains for 1/3-1/2 the price that those 2 stores do

  7. Highlife is far better then the other place for sure. Love the staff at highlife!!

  8. I’m just here because I was told thered be doritos

  9. Lucy Simcoe Lucy Simcoe says:

    Signed.. owner of high life

  10. stonedcat5 says:

    get 7 acres or Redecan brands from OCS, street crap just does not compare

  11. Lori Richer Lori Richer says:

    interesting I feel the exact same way except prefer Cana Cabana … When I went into High life it felt industrial, no one even acknowledged that I was in the store ( wandered for about 20mins) Canna always greats me, I like that its quaint. When I go in there, most of them remember me and if the person is new, they always acknowledge that I am in the store. I’m pretty sure Canna has the viewers and are just waiting on fixtures for the viewers. The team at Canna, are knowledgeable and take the time to understand what I am looking for. I actually look forward to my weekly visit!! CANA CABANA is truly the best!

  12. Raven Dee Raven Dee says:

    Well I dont like either store setup…and the pkagn but hopefully regulations change up…. Highlife had a rep help me out. I wasn’t receptive but he did give good service and made recommendations. Of course he tried to sell me 1g pre roll for $$27? Wtf with the prices. But I did take a 17$ pre roll or whatever. 1g and I’ll say it was worth it. But still they gotta come down on that price. And highlife should really put their iPads to work. And get customers using those. Just a suggest

  13. you should try creators choice on the rez

  14. Cindy Lawson Cindy Lawson says:

    Both stores are over priced but l do agree High Life is much better run.

  15. Jason LaFaci Jason LaFaci says:

    High life …. cabana is a joke

  16. Brent Parker Brent Parker says:

    Black market all the way!!
    You can touch it!
    Smell it!
    If you have good relations you can have credit!
    And a return policy with shity products! And last but not least potency is unmeasured!
    Enjoy. 🙂

  17. Don Guay Don Guay says:

    Not for it or against it, pot is just not my bag.

  18. Mel Coughler Mel Coughler says:

    Both are a waste of money .. quality is garbage and the prices are ridiculous

  19. Shelby Dayne Shelby Dayne says:

    Support your local drug dealer

  20. Scott Lauber Scott Lauber says:

    High life is my go to choice for in town. But my over all choice is creators choice and First Nations medicinal on wahnapitae First Nation.

  21. Honestly. I get clones in Shanonville, Ontario
    It’s way south. But I load up when I go there
    CNB oils and liquors
    $10 plants /clone
    5 Star quality cannabis
    Plus it’s a native reserve. Low prices and tobacco.
    When will this happen in Sudbury area?
    $20 for 3.8Gram Indica
    Plus they carry plenty of shatter and electronic thc pens

  22. Amanda LS Amanda LS says:

    Creator’s Choice Natural Health Solutions way better

  23. My bf and I whent to cana cabana 1 time , and will NEVER go back . Much rather make the drive out to capreol! Totally worth it !!!

  24. Funny because I feel the exact opposite and will drive clear across town to avoid highlife. Watching that screen feels like I’m at the airport. How do you know they have it? You don’t, you have to look at the damned screen. At Cana, if it’s not in the table then they don’t have it.

    • Baylee says:

      You can ask any of the staff in the store and they will gladly go through everything they have, or the express tablets are also a good way to check things out !

  25. Kevin Pascoe Kevin Pascoe says:

    Fuck outa here with your bullshit. I support the same people who supported me for a decade

  26. What kind of pot you all on? Get along! Lmao

  27. I don’t buy anything from a reserve. Period. Order online, cut out the middle man.

  28. Amber Forest Amber Forest says:

    I still prefer the drive out to the reserves .. creators choice has AMAZING knowledgeable and welcoming staff, they have labels of what each type is good for, what it’ll help with etc. Cheaper prices, + They have edibles lol
    I definitley find it worth the drive!

  29. I went to high life the other day. My first time in a dispensary. At first I was a bit confused on the process. But luckily there was lots of staff to help out, and I was very pleased on how helpfull and informed they were. Will i go back, probobly not just because the prices are redicoulous!

  30. Hmmm
    And I felt the exact opposite of what you’re saying. At the Canna Cabana I was treated very well and all my questions were answered. I did have to wait in line however, once inside I was given tremendous customer service.
    At High life I walked right in. I was overwhelmed by the lack of product on sales floor and the digital signs describing the product. I couldn’t find an associate to help me and ended up walking out.
    To each their own I suppose.

  31. Agreed !
    The tablets you can place your order on were a great idea too.

  32. Mark Bronson Mark Bronson says:

    Went to Canna once, it was a horrible experience and have vowed to never return. Are they still so understaffed that they’re making people line up? I’ve been to Highlife a few times now and there’s really no reason to go to Canna.

  33. Joey Telfer Joey Telfer says:

    Grow it your aloud 4 plants that should yield enough weed for awhile .

  34. Amy Cole Amy Cole says:

    Order online comes right to your mailbox

  35. Jon Cyr Jon Cyr says:

    Support your local weed dealer.

  36. Cass Pinard Cass Pinard says:

    Melissa. Francis-Hanrahan

    • Eric Hatley says:

      There’s no comparison. Highlife is quantum leaps ahead of Canna. I would rather dumpster dive than go back to Canna Cabana.

  37. Steve Rowley Steve Rowley says:

    Fuck those with places support your locals. Better shit and not sprayed with pesticides. Plus hell of a lot cheaper

  38. Allen Lawson Allen Lawson says:

    Everyone complains about overpriced weed . But doesnt mind paying for overpriced alcohol…..

  39. Tony Rinaldi Tony Rinaldi says:

    After years of
    The government saying pot is a gateway drug… and we were all criminals… fuck these
    Government stores. I’m not paying tax on weed. Fuck the feds

  40. Kimberly Rae Kimberly Rae says:

    I’d rather travel to the reserve

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