Hey, Mr. I love her!

If you’re the horny old douche canoe I think you are, keep it in your pants bud, and think with that fat lump between your shoulders instead of with your dick. You’re a greasy, sleazy old man going after a beautiful young lady. She doesn’t want or like your advances, and you have created this scenario in your mind where you think you have mutual attraction/feelings for each other. The only one “in love” here is apparently you. I feel sorry for you actually bud. You’re a loser to even think that chick is in your league. We all know what has been going on around here, and we laugh at how pathetic you are. But hey go for it. She isn’t going to stick around once she opens her eyes, and once she figures it out that we all know about your little secret that isn’t so secret. You will always be the loser around here you always were, and she now has the easy sorry ass slut reputation. You bud were a loser 30 years ago, and you’re still one. I don’t kniw why your wife puts up with you, and your affair because that is all she is is still a freaking kid. You look like you are out with your kid, and you both look ridiculous together. I know a few people more than a little pissed with you over this, so I think that infatuation you have with her is something best left unsaid. Keep your unrequited feelings to yourself there bud. You are making an even bigger fool out of yourself than you already are.


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  1. Eric says:

    Geez you guys lol I wrote that about someone I know, and she is NOT in a relationship. Our work doesn’t allow couples to work together so we can’t date, we’re in our 20s.

    I’m really sorry to those out there who think that post was about them but it definitely is not, though it is good you are venting and getting your emotions out there! Best of luck to you all.

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