Hey Ladies, me again. This time it’s time to Face the Music : Woman don’t do Anything !

Let’s face it, most women don’t do shit. Now, before all of you proud vagina owners go getting your granny panties in a bunch, please note the adjective “most.” That means a majority, but not all. There are always exceptions to every rule/trend/stereotype/etc.

Now, at this juncture, there are likely countless women readers in various mindsets. Some already hate me without even knowing where I’m going with this particular article; others are busily preparing to defend their position (despite having zero idea to what I’m referring when I use the word “shit” in that context): “I do shit!” they’re screaming in their heads. And then are likely those who are subtly agreeing with me because they, too, have female friends whose sole purpose in life is to procreate with men who have the monetary means to replace their various body parts as they start to sag throughout the years. Whatever your opinion may be, I do so encourage you to continue reading, as you may learn a thing or two about us males and our desires.

When I write “women don’t do shit,” I intend to imply that there are an exorbitant number of women in the world who make it their sole purpose in life to swap their last name for a set of fake tits and a Mercedes SUV (God forbid they be seen showing up to their kids’ soccer practices in anything less). You know, the females who barely graduated college with a degree in communications and hopped around equal numbers of both service industry jobs and dick in their 20s, only to arrive at 30 and realize they were losing their looks faster than their meager earnings could afford injections of both Botox and silicon? Yeah, those women. And ironically enough, they tend to be the very same women who demand their male counterparts be everything they’re not: wealthy, gorgeous and interesting. Hypocritical much?

I’m not saying there aren’t men in this world who don’t sit on their asses and eat fucking Cheetos all day in their mom’s basement (I mean, look at all of us). I’m sure there are millions of those types everywhere. But for the most part, my male friends and myself actually do shit. You know, we have passions, hobbies, interests, etc. Fuck, I’m shocked if I ever run across a female who says, “Yeah, I love music,” and implies she actually attends live shows as opposed to downloading Lil Yachty’s latest Dr. Seuss-ish musical disaster on her iPhone. If she actually can play a musical instrument, I’m dead where I stand.

“But there are female musicians, asshole!” Of course there are. I never said there weren’t. But I promise you (in fact I’ll guarantee you), whether you’re a male or female reading this article, if you think about your closest friends and consider those involved in the most unique and interesting activities (and yes, I understand the subjectivity of those terms), they’re all men. Now, please note I wrote the word “subjectivity”… When I write “unique and interesting,” I’m not talking about fucking shopping, or laying out, or braiding each other’s pubic hair (whatever the fuck women do when they’re together). I’m speaking of passions and/or activities: music, surfing, art, business, writing, creating, inventing; fuck, contributing on any level beyond, “Um, I’m just sick of doing shit. I just want to meet a millionaire and have him take care of me.” And before you jump down my throat with the argument, “Women don’t say that!”… shut it. I’ve both heard and read nearly identical statements said and written by females in all sorts of contexts.

At the end of the day, if you want to be a plastic baby-factory Stepford wife, by all means, go right ahead. We all have dreams; some are just loftier than others. Just don’t expect anything more from a male partner, and don’t be surprised when you discover he’s cheating on you with his hippie secretary who sings in a local folk band. She can probably talk about more than Starbucks and manicures and lets him fuck her in the ass whenever he wants (and not just on his birthday).



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  1. “-procreate with men who have the monetary means to replace their various body parts as they start to sag-”

    You make it sound like most women are some Frankenstein monster, changing out the old, saggy parts whenever they can. “Monster like Mercedes! Like dick and music. Arrrgh.”

    If you’re this angry about ‘most women’ then go buy one you can inflate with all that hot air.

  2. I can see where he is coming from… I know several people who expect men to shower them with gifts and treat them as royalty, yet, what do they actually bring to the relationship? Try being the type of person u want to attract. Makes sense to me.

  3. Tony Martin says:

    Troll post. Ignore. The more we respond to these, the more the probably only 2 or 3 people who keep writing them will be encouraged to continue.

  4. I’m going to use your own terminology here but will refrain from being ignorant at the same time.
    Some men, not all , but you are definitely included in this generalization, “don’t know shit!”

  5. So lonely your own handjob don’t call back op

  6. Carly Verch says:

    Just go gay ffs hahaha

  7. Carly Verch says:

    lol Zack Tryon did you write this

  8. This could have been condensed to a simple ” Im pissed off because my wife doesn’t let me Fuck her in the ass.”
    Get a grip Budd.

  9. TLDR
    you’re basically saying “some women work and some don’t. And also some men do and some men don’t”
    Thanks for the valuable information, tips

  10. Brady MacCoy says:

    Nice copy and paste from TTG, OP

  11. Amber Af says:

    Definitely tl;dr

  12. Don’t worry dude. We all got that one useless ex it took some time to get over. When you start to get older you will tend to go more towards the one who can hold a conversation over the big tit blonde twirling her hair looking for her next free vacation..

  13. Everyone on here is doing exactly what he said. Lol.

  14. Don Guay says:

    Sounds like something Trump would wright.

  15. OP has a point. Most women around here think if you don’t fit whatever standards they have, then you don’t have your life together; meanwhile they have 3 kids from 3 different fathers, never worked a day in their lives, and want to live off pogey, baby bonus, and their man’s paycheck. I’d rather be single than taken advantage of by some typical Sudbury ho bag.

  16. Read the first paragraph, stopped reading after . Now, at this juncture lol

  17. Megan McCabe says:

    GFY. This guy is clearly a virgin 😛 lol

  18. Trudy Rolet says:

    Anybody that didn’t read the whole rant, don’t bother!…you’re not missing anything!!…those of us that did wasted our time!!

  19. Wow sounds like someone got hurt.
    There are many narcissists in the world, its for u to choose wisely . possibly you might rethink checklist might be too shallow. Sux2BU..

  20. There may be women like that but there are equally enough women who aren’t. Who are unique with a beautiful heart and mind.

  21. Therapy and a better circle of friends? Sorry about your luck dude??

  22. Sorry I bothered to read this, I was hoping he would have said something intelligent at the very least.

  23. I’m conflicted…. I agree with all points made, and being a sesquipedalian, the grammar and eloquence of this rant made me too aroused for comfort.

    But I have a vagina, and am thus supposed to be very butthurt by this…. but I’m not.

    Maybe my shitlady misanthropy is worse than I thought.

  24. Perhaps it is time for you to actually invest some time in getting to know a woman before vesting your life in them. You are obviously seeking out the wrong type of woman for you. It really does sound like you are a “woman” scorned!

  25. Roger Blake says:

    Hey Cuck. You didn’t read the whole thing, did you?

  26. Kate Colp says:

    this dude needs to get laid….and quick!

  27. Chantal Dee says:

    That was incredibly hypocritical… surely you realize that in the last 2 sentences of that rant you say that she’s there… sometimes your looking at things from the wrong perspective.

  28. Neas Angele says:

    Lmao. This is a great shout out. And so so true. Haha. Loved it. People are fucked.

  29. Gary Schuran says:

    Post some pics of your arms. They must look like Popeyes as much you must have to jerk off. Cuz your hand is your only sweetheart.

  30. Jeff Hearty says:

    Some good women are out there
    But women say the same towards men

  31. Oh and ps…..just bought myself a new car!!

  32. Trudy Rolet says:

    Not worth responding to!!!

  33. I as well got board of this post, but would like to agree….I don’t do shit!! I’m too tired from working three jobs, and raising my kids. But op….I do agree!

  34. You know what funny? That all the women getting offended are making the point in the OPs first paragraph that many wont be open minded enough to even try to get what he is saying. However I dogress, this is a tough opinion to explain and write properly and is very well written and actually written from a decently respectful point of view for the topic. While many may not agree I think this was a good read if you have a brain and can read something that mentions a gender race or age without getting offended.

  35. Kayla Dumont says:

    Jen-i Harrington who needs netflix?

  36. This is a troll written by a female.

  37. Kara Schutt says:

    Can somebody clear up the point of this post to me? It mostly just sounds like someone who’s butthurt wanting to get off on making other people butthurt.

    On the other hand, sounds like if he met a woman with substance, he wouldn’t know what to do with her.

    • Sounds like he’s been rejected so many times that he’s jealous of rubber tits and would secretly prefer to spend the rest of his days braiding other people’s pubes haha!

  38. Jaime Luck says:

    Too long. Boring.

  39. You get more bees with honey than vinegar…that said too long don’t care to read and go masturbate!

  40. Melissa Cote says:

    Hhahahahaahahahahahha i loved this post xoxoxox

  41. Tracy Baker says:

    Lmao. I want names of these men who pay for this shit. Im too busy working to find them. Call me shallow whatever this tired ol sagging broad has dreams of having that 20yr old body again. And lottery just isnt kicking in for me .lmao

  42. Nikki Jones says:

    What’s your “CLAIM TO FAME” Bahaha….go write a book. Maybe someone might buy it!

  43. Guess Im one of the lucky ones. My wife has passions and a brain. She is a very great artist and thouroghly enjoys it. Shes also a musician. Has played many instruments as well so quite diverse in music. Hell if she wanted fake tits and a 50k+ SUV she wont be getting it from me, if anything she takes care of me. Can say so much for a woman that takes a broken down disabled man and brings him to his feet and want to live without anything in return. Thats exactly what she did for me. I dont know ANY other woman that would take a person in the shape I was in, be disabled and stand at their bedside, not to mention sleep in a hospital chair just to be there every time they wake up aftert a brain surgery to help said disability. Not all women are the “trash” this person refers to!

  44. Dave McMende says:

    Dude. I’m embarrassed as man that you would write something like this. There are so many guys that are absolutely simple as shit in the world. I think you need to change up your environment a little, and you’ll see that there are plenty of women that will absolutely blow your mind, and they are doing things you wouldn’t even dream of doing!

  45. There are absolutely no statistics that back this up in any way. This is scientifically untrue, and every argument you’ve made can be argued against.

    • There are absolutely no statistics that back this up either..

    • Actually, this can all be refuted. For example, the employment rate shows that women do work, and not just as waitresses, those with college educations do not all have communications degrees and work in a large variety of fields. Not all women are looking to get married, and breast augmentations are uncommon.

  46. Jared Cooke says:

    I think a good portion of you are missing the point. It doesnt seem like hes one of your middle class dudes. You know one of those 9-5 type of people 2 kids a minivan and decent pension. He was ballsy enough to put his thoughts out on somthing that most of us clearly dont have any experience dealing with.And even if he is a 9-5 2 kids with a minivan and a decent pension he is entitled to a opinion and this is still the internet.

    • Anonymous posting on Shoutout isn’t ballsy

    • Jared Cooke says:

      Still not the point

    • Jared Cooke says:

      the point is that this person is talking about a small, very small group of women that the average man wont have any experience with. This person is talking with what sounds like experience. You or myself has no dealing with buying tits jobs and or Mercedes Benz vehicles. If you do then you are certainly better off than i had thought. But he seems to have some form of run in or something and has had been around enough of this small group of woman to form an opinion as strong as the one he has, must be formed by someone of experience or extreme delusion. Im not so sure about you but im going to go with experience.

  47. Drake White says:

    if you can speak as well as you can type – you could make it as an excellent comedian =P

  48. ^^^^ what Jason Brunette said.

  49. Mark Bocy says:

    WOW. Didn’t know copying The Tasteless Gentlemen’s story was that easy.

  50. Mariah Dawn says:

    Some people just don’t know how to shut their mouths too!!!!! How relatable 😉

  51. Where on earth are you going with this….

  52. Kay Ann says:

    Well we are nice you know. I have nothing to say about Men…I think were all Freaking should join in …instead of ranting sheesh

  53. Ida L Monk says:

    How do we report this jerk and get this taken down asap? (the hate is strong in this one….cue the Star Wars music)

  54. Dawn Carne says:

    Way..way.. waaaaaay too much time on his hands.. needs to find something else to occupy his time.

  55. wow…hahaha someone either got burned or aint getting any attention

  56. Wow. This reeks of bitterness.

  57. You just creeped my page and read that ? You are one clever kind of special if you think it was a negative comment.

    It was meant to make people laugh not drive them to stalk someone in anger so sorry. You win.

  58. Lol well I had a good laugh, now I’m wondering were you going somewhere with this or is that it?

  59. if women are so horrible, why don’t you just date men then? You seem to think they’re superior anyway!

  60. Larry Styles lmao. You’re measuring your worth based on how many “dimes” you’re with weekly? That’s neither endearing nor interesting!

  61. Larry Styles says:

    That’s why you’re separated and I’m with 5 dimes a week. Sit down .

  62. lol shorter version???

  63. Julie Lynn says:

    I can’t believe you referred to this as an article

  64. the lonely mans rant got boring near the middle so I stopped reading…..

  65. Someone with a superiority complex sounds a little bitter.

  66. Bruce Richer says:

    women are amazing creatures!! they dont have to do anything to be amazing!! just how it is!!! deal with it!!

  67. I got bored 1/4 of the way through….. Why the hell are you writing a novel on spotted. Get a life 😉

  68. Larry Styles says:

    3 posts . 3 wins . I win the shout out game. Once again . Only women who will disagree are those it applies to. Which in this day and age , is all of yous from the ages 18-35. You all think I write this stuff from the top of my head ? Or do you think I’m a strapping young lad with an A+ strategy to pick up women and am writing about my very , very poor experiences . I’m a catch . I write a blog . I wrote all 3 posts on women over the weeks . Trolling ? Hardly . Just trying to make men’s lives easier in shitbury.

  69. Please tell us how you really feel

  70. Someone took you for a ride

  71. This sounds like my most men i know… LOLOLOL

    • Zack Tryon says:

      You post gym selfies? This portrays you to a T sweetheart . Don’t try and reverse the roll here .

    • Please write a full essay with correct grammar and spelling to who and how she affects people with what she does?

    • Zack Tryon says:

      Nobody has any interest in your yoga classes and your progress before the Bahamas. We don’t care about clean eating and squats and we sure as shit don’t care about your crossfit classes. I don’t see a girl in gym clothes working out for her own health and well being. I see an attention seeking social media whore fishing for likes. You all fish for compliments all day with statements like “Oh my God I’m such a fat ass.” or “I look like a hot mess.” and since you can’t fish for compliments in the women’s locker room at 24 Hour Fitness, the only thing left is to fish for likes on social media.

      A quick assessment of a gym selfie would show you wearing clothes more revealing than your everyday attire. Not only are you showing your stomach and your cleavage, as your top covers little more than a bra, but your frequently penetrated vagina is eating your form fitting pants. And you have to be sure to put two images, front and back next to each other, so everybody can see your ass for good measure. You expect me to believe that this is about your health and well being?

      If that is the case, why don’t I ever see you checking in to planned parenthood as you get tested after a condomless one night stand? Why don’t I see a picture of your dentist digging deep into your mouth for a cleaning? Last I checked, you’re yet to post a picture of the results from your last cholesterol check. This has nothing to do with health or bettering yourself. It’s all about attention. That’s why you spend 700 dollars on pants from lululemon and buy 5 pairs of running shoes to match all your outfits. You don’t spend time getting ready for the gym like it’s a damn nightclub if you’re doing it for your health. Yes, that yoga picture of you standing on your head and spreading your legs with your ass popping out like a still shot of a hoodrat twerking was all about healthy living. That’s as believable as a girl telling me “she never does this kind of thing” as she sleeps with mostly every guy at the gym.

      I will not encourage this kind of behavior. From here on out, I will never like any such photo and I suggest you all do the same. Instead, I’ll leave a nice little comment under each photo telling them what an inspiration their gym selfie was. I was so inspired by the pants eating pussy and cleavage that I busted out the lotion, warm towel, and rubbed one out. That’s right. So go ahead you attention seeking social media whores, post away and just know that guys all over the world are beating their meat to your “progress.”

      Also, if you’re a guy taking gym selfies, just give up. It’s worse than women doing it.

    • Zack Tryon says:

      Good enough ? Didn’t skip a beat . Boooooom

    • I really hope you copy pasted that, but you still haven’t told me she’s started wars or starved children due to her “gym selfies” besides tell me about how it pissed you off. But thanks for the rant

    • Zack Tryon says:

      Clearly I copy pasted that lol . It makes sense though

    • But she’s literally causing no harm posting her pictures lol

    • Zack Tryon says:

      Oh please . All of western civilization should be blamed for crimes against humanity around the world . Especially the wars and starving children part .

    • Princess Melissa I’m mind blown right now on how my gym selfies have anything to do with how lazy women are in relationships???? Lol

    • He’s mad at the world lol, people need to just stop creating this personal illusion on what happiness is and what’s allowed? I think everyone should do and show off what makes them happy. It’s nice to see positive things and people being okay with themselves

    • He’s mad at the world lol, people need to just stop creating this personal illusion on what happiness is and what’s allowed? I think everyone should do and show off what makes them happy. It’s nice to see positive things and people being okay with themselves

    • I get his point I really do. Because there are women out there who do exactly what he’s whined about. BUT, that gives you him no right to attack ME for what other women do. Cause pretty sure I’m fully clothed in my gym clothes. He should point his finger elsewhere.

    • I get his point I really do. Because there are women out there who do exactly what he’s whined about. BUT, that gives you him no right to attack ME for what other women do. Cause pretty sure I’m fully clothed in my gym clothes. He should point his finger elsewhere.

  72. Every single one of my female friends (you know who you all are) has an interesting hobby or passion that I typically identify them with. Whether it be artist, musician, skateboarder… etc. I even have a friend that owns her own paintball equipment and competes in tournaments! I think you just need to get out more and meet some more “genuine” women my friend.

  73. So your girlfriend/wife left you for fake boobs.

  74. I thought trolling was supposed to be subtle? Come on Sudbury, you can do better

  75. Some good points though

  76. Holly Smith says:

    You are a terrible troll. Not even trying anymore….