Here is my dilemma

I need products that are now deemed non-essential. Curbside pickup dates for me to pick up any items are booked solid for the next three weeks. I need stuff by next Monday.

I ordered some things that I was able to online. I can’t afford the shipping costs, so I opted for in store pickup. The store said they will have the items when lockdown is over. So I reordered swallowing the costs and I am told there is a delay for shipping. Expect three weeks. I need these things now actually, but Monday at the latest. I did not know my circumstances were changing yesterday otherwise I would have tried to scramble to pick up things from whatever would have still been open last night. I am scouring swap and buy sites, Kijiji ads, you name it. I feel so bad for the people who will find themselves in my same dilemma. It is great that we can still get food and personal care products, but some of us do need some clothes and electronic items, and a few other deemed non-essential items.

While I am at it I might as well mention that I have used curbside sevices. I like to pick out my own cuts of meat and bakery items. I look for specific cuts of fat, amount of bone, etc, and the expiry date is a big one for me. The person picking through curb side has no actual idea of how particular I am. I have been given items with a small expiry date window. They pick the milk that expires first, andI have maybe a week to use it up. I have been given bruised fruit , crushed packages, meat that is an off colour, and clothes that look like someone wore, stomped on, and returned. The clothes I could not return as per store policy. If you like curbside perfectly fine,but I don’t care for it.

I don’t see why I can’t just buy clothes and electronics while I am in a store picking up food anyway. What difference is it going to make? I am already in the store now. The virus will be in the food section just as well as the other departments. Now instead of people spread out in the stores we are all going to be crammed in the food department. I guess expect longer lineups outside to get in, and people hoarding even more.

If you are going to open up a store then open it up fully. Who cares who buys what. Maybe now that people are in lockdown they want to buy movies, books, crafts and games to keep themselves occupied. Maybe we would like to buy products to do home renovations because we actually have the time to do so. Keeping us busy keeps our minds off of this virus and keeps us at home if we can buy things to occupy our time. Just open it all up.



2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t you just stop bitching and suck it up like the rest of us? We are such a spoiled society just expecting everything to be at our fingertips when we want it. Everyone is doing the best they can in the circumstances and stores are just following the directives given to them. If you want change to happen then take notes and vote in the next election. Otherwise stop putting out the negative energy and instead find ways to cope with what you have for now

    • Anonymous says:

      Communist apologists don’t belong in this country. Wait until your kids need socks and you can’t buy them. Fuck off.