Yesterday i went out 4 dinner with my children at one of the big chain restaurants and they refused us service because we aren’t vaccinated.

Upon reminding the hostess that you don’t need proof of vax to enter a restaurant, because a lot of restaurants let you in without one, she proceeded to tell me about non existent mandates. I asked to speak to a manager and she REFUSED TO LET ME SPEAK TO A MANAGER!!! so i told her, are you really going to take a nice hot meal AWAY GROM CHILDREN?! THATS ILLEGAL! herself and others excorted me out.

i spoke on the telephone with the big bosses and they said there was nothing that they could do for me. is there anywhere i can go for legal aid? i’d like to sue this facility



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  1. pmlaberge says:

    True, to a point, I guess. But I stand on the shoulders of giants who are experts. So I may have a slight advantage here! Yes, I can write dispassionatly, I guess all those dammmed reports taught me something!

    But there are some problems with this topic: There is more BAD information, stories, and conspiracy theories out there about this virus and this vaccine, than there is about the Moon landings. And that is sad. And people can easily get mis-informed. And the BIG issue: Emotion! Damm it all, if we make the wrong decision we can either get really really sick, or even die! And if you are young, heck, 20 or 30 years from now, if you take these vaccines, you could turn into a Star Trek Alien!

    Heck,I do not blame anyone for getting their knickers all tied up in several knots.

    I do have one big advantage: I have had dozens of vaccines in my day, and I am still alive. I’ a hard bastard to kill! And I am 66. So 20 or 30 years from now, has little meaning to me. Hella! I could get hit by a bus tomorrow!

    So PLEASE PEOPLE: What Evvvver you decide: No need to fight. MUCH need to take care, and be careful. But my people tell me that for now the vaccine is the best tool we have, and safer than the high risks of the virus. Will we be able to do more in the future? Yes. TheOmicrom variant may in time become like the flu, and in the end, we might benefit. BUT: We do NOT “know” yet. What scares the living brown out of me are all those other variants!

    Take care, people. Stay safe. If you do not feel good, stay home. There are a number of places you can get tested, or, of you are lucky, fast tested. If you have worries, get tested. Call your local health department. If you have a good reason, they will even come to your home and test you.

    If you do not have the vaccine you are VERY vulnerable. BUT even if you have the shot, you are not bullet proof. There are other viruses out there, other germs. And a new variant might sneak in under your shields.

    I bear no ill will against those who oppose me. But I thank my supporters VERY much. Take Care, gang! We will get through this. But we are NOT yet at then end of the long tunnel.

  2. say what says:

    @pmlaberge has calmly stated his views using fact and logic. And this is your response. Typical tactic of someone who doesn’t have the facts, or logic on their side.

  3. brock says:

    you must be the most ignorant person on here! @pmlaberge makes perfect sense, it is you and your cronies which choose to ignore science. If you dont want a shot, then stay home so the rest of us who have it, dont have to worrt about running into to you and your bullshit rants when we are out with our families and friends. Get a life

  4. pmlaberge says:

    3 of 7 billion vaccinated. No one has become a Zombie. All the employees of Pfizer got it first, long ago. No casualties.

    Health care and fast food workers are number one on the “get it” list.

    I am blessed with a varied number of very smart and educated contacts. We are talking Round Table Members, various Gurus, and members of Mensa. So, far, no code yellows or code reds.

    One thing almost guarantees a horrid death. The other thing either protects you, or gives medicine time to save you. Your choice.

    If you are referring to the truckers, the USA made a decision over who gets to visit there, and who does not. They have that right. We followed with the same decision. The old Mouse and the Elephant game.

    None of the War Measures (serious) or the Emergency Measures Acts (Federal, less severe), or the Provincial Emergencies Acts have a thing to do with the original request to get vaccinated, and the fact that MOST people went along with that. The Provinces did the opening and closing of restaurants. The businesses looked at the lawsuit risks, and decided to be cautious. They accepted their rights and responsibilities. The Trucker thing, is again, something else.

    These are tough times. They require good citizens. They require us to work together. They require hard choices and consequences, either way.

    One chooses one’s way, and one lives with the results.

    No one can or will help go after a small restaurant. The lawyers cost too much. The court times take too long. The complications are there in these times. It may be sad, but that is the way things are. It is what it is. And it may be a good while before we get back to normal. NOT the normal I knew for many years, a NEW normal, but more bearable than this mess.

    In the meantime riots and protests will achieve little. Just be glad you are in Canada. Read about what has happened elsewhere. Chaos. Millions sick. Hundreds of thousands of deaths. In a small sense we got off lucky.

    Take Care and LLAP.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Pmlaberge, I am sorry to say but what is happening in many workplaces is coercion plain and simple. Sure, anybody can quit their well paying job and go flip burgers, but why should someone who is properly trained and able to do their career of choice be relegated to working fast food simply because they require an injection? Most places besides health care fields did not care of your vaccine status prior to covid, now all of a sudden it is mandatory to have a series of shots and be masked up just to work in the most menial of fields. There are unions that fought these rules and won, while others caved and let their good workers go all in the name of supposed science, science that will not be complete for some time as they are still learning on a daily basis the side effects of covid and the vaccine. Many have questions and they are not being answered besides get vaccinated or lose your job. Believe me there will be lawsuits once we learn more, if it turns out people were wrongfully dismissed based on their convictions and turns out they were right, it will be quite a payday for those people and their lawyers. Nothing that has happened thus far has been for safety, the ball was dropped early on and everything else after was just akin to watching our rights be eroded in the name of “safety”. People like to compare this vaccine to the safety systems in our cars (seatbelts) but when seat belts came out they were not necessarily safer, sure you would not fly out of your windshield if all you had was a lap belt, but many were made paraplegic as a result, many miscarriages happened and some were still impaled by their steering wheel. It took generations to be where we are at with our safety systems now. Same with this vaccine, sure it helps, but it was develloped so quickly and approved quickly due to the emergency act, we do not have a full picture of what is going to happen and the potential for side effects. And we will never have a full picture if there is not a control group of sorts. If people want to be part of that control group, so be it in my opinion, however due to the mentioned coercion many are making choices they would not have made otherwise. And for a proper control to take place the only discerning factor should be vaccinated or not. If you lose your job and stop eating and sleeping well, lose your home, experience higher stress that then affects your immune system etc. that will skew the results. Proper science is not happening. Anyone who has taken highschool science should be well versed on the importance of a control group. As for having the same rights, again that is false. Unvaccinated cannot go to restaurants, cannot freely travel, cannot work in many places, cannot participate in social activities, are being demonized by our own dear leader and made to be lesser than.. the list goes on and on. So much wrong is happening.

  6. pmlaberge says:

    You have all the same rights you did before. So do I. Everyone does. In fact, some mandate! You do not even have to get any shots if you do not want to! Now for some jobs, it is required. Simply change jobs. That is what I have been told hundreds of times. I thus feel I can pass it on.

    The only thing keeping anyone from getting the shot, is that sometimes, vaccines are in short supply, and you may have to wait a couple of weeks.

    The only other reason would be ignorance of medical science. But Recall “Science will win” – Pfizer.

    You should read some history, and see what life was like before vaccines. NOT a nice world to live in.

  7. Anonymous says:

    You can’t win either because they threw out our charter of rights at the beginning of this supposed pandemic. Otherwise there are more than a couple sections that would be applicable for those out of work due to their own medical choices. Previously, we had the right to earn a living in canada, we had the right of religion/creed, and the freedom of expression, not anymore. With the new emergency powers, that some in the liberal caucus want to make permanent, be careful what causes you choose to support because they will throw the book at you if it is against the regime’s narrative.

  8. pmlaberge says:

    Well, the vax is applied to the arm.

    Restaurants are allowed to determine who they let in and who they do not. All businesses are.

    Out of 7 billion people, some 3 billion have been vaxxed. We’d do better, but some countries cannot afford it. Then there are always fools who put themselves, and us others, at risk.

    But hey, sauce for the goose…

    And you will sadly not find ANY government agency or law firm that would take on such a lawsuit. And at any rate, have you ANY idea how much lawsuits cost?

    At least I am smart enough to know these basic facts. And able to exposit them politely.

    Don’t be scared. You were likely vaccinated for a number of things when you were young. Physically, you survived. This is no different.

  9. Anonymous says:

    @pmlaberge you have to be the DUMBEST MOTHERFUCKER on this page. Congrats and take that vaxx up your asshole

  10. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile the kitchen staff are showing up to work unvaxxed, the mask comes off in the backroom and they prepare your food with bare hands, and cough all over the place and people sit down and eat with their masks off. Everything happening makes no sense. If we would have continued life without a care in the world we would be over this non-sense by now and herd immunity would have been achieved naturally. How many more years of your life are you willing to give up for this shit, all in the name of a false sense of safety. Every cold in the future will be called a variant and you people will be terrified the rest of your life.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Fuck off and get vaccinated, problem solved.

    People like you are assholes!!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, good luck with finding any lawyer who would take this on.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Yep. In fact some restaurants actually have sign outside that says,
    “we reserve the right to refuse service”, or something like that. Even if they didn’t it’s their business there rules. No different than a high-end nightclub having a dress code. These hillbillys just don’t understand how a modern society works. They think that if they yell and scream they get whatever they want.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Take off businesses are allowed to refuse service to anyone they want. Also if you actually watch the news instead of your tin foil hat feed you would also have heard that if a business chooses to uphold the vaccine passport as well as masking regulations that is their right to do so.

  15. pmlaberge says:

    Simple: Get vaccinated.
    Take your business elsewhere.
    Note that nobody cares if you buy take out.

    My business, my rules. Your business your rules. This rule dates back to the Middle Ages.