Hedley T-shirt!

To the mom that allows her daughter to wear a Hedley T-shirt:

That lead singer was charged with sexual assault! Please don’t let your daughter wear that trash any longer.

Get her a Iron Maiden T-shirt instead!



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  1. TO THE POSTER! Rock bands aren’t politically correct. They became musicians as a form of protest against the norm. They were never supposed to be ROLE MODELS. go fuck yourhat

  2. Mind your own business

  3. Matt Frawley Matt Frawley says:

    U have way to much time on ur hands Hedley boy

  4. Shane G-Roy Shane G-Roy says:

    Who the Fuck cares. Why you being a bully ppl wear what they want. Go Fuck yourself.
    I wear shit that would make you sick

  5. Tanya Werden Tanya Werden says:

    I agree about not wearing Headley gear but you better do some investigating before promoting other bands. Especially bands from the 80’s. That was the decade of decadence and I’m sure not too many were behaving like innocent hour boys. I am a child of the 80’s and love my music but don’t be naive. Safer to promote wearing Pat Boone. Lol

  6. Andrea Cram Andrea Cram says:

    Hes been charged not convicted had admitted he didn’t treat women properly but denys he did anything unconstitutional. Girls throw themselves at him like crazy but yet they dont get a sexual assault for groaping him.

  7. Do you turn off the radio station when Michael Jackson comes on? He was the most well known pedophile in the world.

  8. it’s not like you can separate content from the person or anything. you don’t have to buy his music, or the shirts, but you can still listen to their music without being a Horrible Person for “supporting an abuser.”

  9. I still love Hedley. (Jacob) always will. They made wicked music and what happened was unfortunate.

  10. It’s a t-shirt get over it …

  11. Kim Dubreuil Kim Dubreuil says:

    Charged not prosecuted. Innocent til proven guilty

  12. I love hedley! Jacob did not sexually assault anybody! I’m so sick and tired of these dumb ass girls thinking they can get away with lying and accusing innocent people !

  13. It’s her choice what she wears, she can still like their music regardless of what they did/didn’t do

  14. Hollywood and fame are poisonous; change my mind

  15. Should probably just wear a Crypt Shirt . Buy here now.

  16. Divert eyes and keep opinions to oneself

  17. Get her a Keanu Reeves shirt

  18. You let your government rape you every day; yet you still pay taxes. Wear the shirt. God damn pansies..

  19. Althought maiden is far cooler . It’s really none of your concern what someone else let’s there kid wear

  20. Mind your own business, is it your kid? No? Then what’s the issue?

  21. So OP…… you or your family watch movies, tv shows or listen to any music?
    Cause if you do…….you unknowingly (well I wanted to say “ignorantly” ) support many who have “quietly” gotten away with all kinds of immoral behaviours! Just my humble opinion!

  22. What does that have to do with liking the music?? Can you imagine never listening to old rock bands? Eg. Guns and Roses, Aerosmith, Poison…ect.

  23. Matt Major Matt Major says:

    You should seriously stop judging people, and mind your own business.

  24. Shoutout, the home of virtue signallers. You’re offended? Then be offended fucktard!
    *No one can change that, except you. So fix yourself, instead of making others change for your feelings. You’re not that important.

  25. No one knew they sleep with little girls until now !!?? They’ve been sleeping with confed students for years

  26. heh ok, dear trump fans, dont wear trump t… you know what , nvm lol

  27. Dean Farinha Dean Farinha says:

    Who else is going to see Iron Maiden In August? Up the irons m/

  28. Clothes is clothes who cares

  29. Stop telling other parents what to do with their kids, you fucking loser!

  30. …People shouldn’t wear Hedley t-shirts because of Hedley.

    & also the lead singer’s been accused multiple times of sexual assault.

    But firstly because of plain ol’ Hedley.


  31. Michal Jackson was a pedo too… didn’t stop y’all then! Hell, wear a hitler or even a trump shirt… no one cares anyway…

  32. I’m sure if more bands were investigated there would only be a handful of law abiding ones left… While I do not support their personal behaviour and actions, they did make great music. Both my kids have Hedley shirts, know what happened and still wear them even though they have been told that people will not appreciate the shirts because of what they did.

  33. Nicky Lyons Nicky Lyons says:

    Wear what ever you want

  34. Please don’t let your kid celebrate any Catholic or Christian holiday as the church is rampant with child molestation. You’re just helping them do it more….. sounds dumb huh.. that’s what you sound like

  35. Reily Burns Reily Burns says:

    Wear what ever the fuck you want just because one person did something doesn’t mean the whole band is bad

  36. Steve Rowley Steve Rowley says:

    How about wear a necro shirt,

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