Health Care Cuts

We have recently become publicly aware of long term care issues with lack of PSWs/HCAs, but it doesn’t even hit the tip of the iceberg of what the real problem is. Health care cuts seem to happen more every year. Health care workers are forced to do more for less, the burnout is too high. We take on more clients, more care, and our mental, social, home and physical health takes a toll.

So who cares for us? No one. Corporations and management don’t seem to care, as long as their pockets are lined. They focus more on what we DO WRONG than what we try to accomplish. We miss breaks. We don’t eat sometimes. We don’t get paid any more for taking on extra workload which happens far too frequently. We don’t want the people relying on us to suffer because of lack of funding and staffing. Poor management, funding and lack of compassion by company managers is one of the main causes of high staff turnover.

If workers feel they don’t care about their workers, why would they stay? But they don’t care to listen. I’ve heard “Do you think the CNO cares that you were working short? Do you think the ministry of health cares that you were working short?” Maybe not, but they should, and so should management! Errors happen far more often when working short which FORCES staff to rush to provide care and medication, yet no one seems to care.

Most of my errors are when I have been forced to work short staffed. Far too may times I have heard the excuse for under-staffing being “It isn’t in the budget”. We work short constantly, some of us risk our licences to practice covering floors or working a floor alone, forced to take extra assignments, forced to work a double. We are so rushed to provide care and medication.

Some of us are so in debt from schooling it’s hard to make ends meet, but we are so exhausted it’s hard to pick up that extra shift, even though we know we need to. It’s hard to even fathom creating a family when you can’t take care of yourself monetarily or emotionally. You suffer, your spouse suffers. You know that there is really nothing you can do about it. Career change?

Not an option because you are already drowning in debt. You got into health care to help others, yet you hate your job everyday, dreading what your next shift will bring, dreading going home afterwards because you are tired of your spouse ragging on you for bringing work home with you, so you try to pretend everything is okay, avoid talking about it. IT’S NOT OKAY! WE ARE NOT OKAY! Yes, the government needs to fix a deficit and resolve debt, but taking away from healthcare is NOT OKAY! Anyone that values healthcare or the well being of their loved ones needs to raise their voice that this is NOT okay.

When you vote, keep this in mind, you may be on the receiving end of this someday, whether it is yourself or a loved one. We do the best we can, with what we are given. We try. We do. So please, next time you are frustrated with your healthcare or your loved ones care or our behavior, please try to understand what we are dealing with. We aren’t even allowed to say we are working short and forced to take extra assignments. We don’t mean it personally. We try our best to be professionals, but we are, after all, human.



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  1. Melissa Dawn Melissa Dawn says:

    .Tamara Johnson this is why I’m nervous about going back to long term care

  2. As a fellow nurse, I agree with literally 100% of this. Beautifully said… and thank you for saying it.

  3. also, whoever posted this, i love you. you understand. thank you for being a voice for some of us who are just too exhausted to speak <3

  4. Bob Daigle Bob Daigle says:

    Dr. Penny Sutcliffe, Sudbury District Health, make $344,000/year. Start cuts at the top. Her annual wage is the same as 11 PSWs.

  5. honestly..isaw this as “health care hair cuts” and then i had to re-read it almost three times to see where i could recommend stylists/barbers to do free community mop chops. IT TOOK ME TWENTY MINUTES TO REALIZE HOW DUMB I AM. anyway, let’s organize a free community clinic for those who can’t afford a trim! Courtney Hebert Crystal Lavallee Jerica Wentzell Victoria Claramoore Will Himsl Melanie Proulx

  6. I couldn’t of said it better myself

  7. Cory Berube Cory Berube says:

    IMO…OP is not wrong.

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